Choosing a great chart

October 28, 2009

After Cherish Charts, I received several questions from people on how to choose the right chart for their presentation. Do you actually know when best to use which type of chart? Of course you do! Certainly after reading this brilliant chart about extremely effective communication of complex information. It was created by Andrew Abela, author of the Extreme Presentation Method.


It gives a clear overview and suggestions of different types like Comparison, Distribution, Composition and Relationship charts.  With easy-to-understand parameters any data you want to present in a simple, straight forward way, this is the best overview I have found so far. Even for non-technical people this chart tells you everything you need. And of course, once you have decided, think about using the Cherish Charts 🙂

Thanks for all your questions! And yes, we are open for more. If you need to speak to a local expert, I recommend Sylvie Verleye.

Cheers with your charts,

Bert Verdonck
Lifehacker & Life Coach

The Internet knows…

October 19, 2009

What does the Internet know about you?

Great question. Some people just post anything online. Some might regret it later, others not at all. But what is out there about you? I found an interesting website called Personas. It visually represents just how much the internet knows about you in an arty way. How does it work? Just type in your name. Personas will analyze the text of the Google results, breaking your web presence down into various keywords or categories. These include everything from “online” to “books” to “social,” and each one has a color, so each person’s name results in a unique band of colors. Here is mine (click to see full version):


Of course, if more people have the same name as you (I know at least 3 do!), the results can become a bit blurry (No clue why “military” is in mine). Nevertheless, it is a very colorful overview of who you are on the Internet. On top of that, it shows how smart the web becomes and how far software can go to digitally track you.

So, what’s in it for me? What’s truly me : online, social, professional, media, management, education, news, sports, books, legal… What not? military, genealogy, fashion…

Give Personas a try yourself and see what the web comes up with 🙂

Cherish Charts

October 8, 2009

Charts are a significant part of reports, studies and documents in general, but do you find it complicated to create or generate the right chart for you? It takes far too much of your precious time to come up with the right chart, right? Or are you also frustrated that the size doesn’t match or the colors are not perferct or maybe the tags too little or too big? And you really want to cherish the charts, because they visualize your opinion or findings better than words?

chartle-logoChartle.netRight, there is a need for simplicity, also in charts. That’s where comes in. They developed a simple, straight forward interface for any kind of chart like bar, pie, plots, diagrams, gauge, maps…

Here is an example that took me less that 2 minutes to create:

My Daily Activities