Bert Verdonck is an outstanding coach, extraordinary lifehacker and a creative mind. He also contributes by connecting people, writing blogs, giving lectures and sharing knowledge. He lives up to his own vision : Enjoy every day!

For Bert Verdonck lifehacking is spicy mix of time management, knowledge management, networking and personal development. To get a great taste of lifehacking, look at it as a bit of Web 2.0, combined with a drop of MacGyver and seasoned with a flavour of fun 🙂

It originates back to 1994, when Danny O’Brien, a journalist first mentions it during a presentation to a number of geeks. His first use of lifehacking is about geeks who are using little smart applications to automate routine jobs or to simply make it a little bit easier to work. Examples are shell scripts and batch files.

Some other people started to use this term, like Merlin Mann (founder of And Gina Trapani, editor of, a very interesting website on lifehacking.

Let me give your some examples of lifehacking:

Bert Verdonck is a public speaker on lifehacking. Next to that, he also organises workshops, seminars and trainings. He also writes blogs and hosts a radio show (The Lifehacking Show, the easiest way of life!).

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