Magnify your screen

June 19, 2008

OneLoupeMany people have comments on my high resolution screen (1600×1200). The fonts are often too small when they are reading something on my screen. So, especially for them, I have installed a great magnifier with a tiny footprint, Logo OneloupeOneLoupe (Windows) to enlarge everything on the screen.

OneLoupe is simple, easy to use, just one-click away. It helps your read all the small print, and also blows up images, in fact any part of your screen. It comes with adjustable zoom range (mousewheel), window size (arrow keys) and a snapshot (pasted to the clipboard).

Testdrive it and start using it!

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck


Xobni is Outlook paradise!

June 16, 2008

Xobni welcomes you to email happiness!

XobniHow? Xobni is the Outlook plug-in that indexes your messages in a smart way! You not only have lightning fast search capabilities, but Xobni exposes email’s hidden social network by also visualizing your contacts network. It shows also your threaded conversations with him/her (no need to read all messages in threads anymore!), his/her instant contact details (auto-extracted!) and a one-click list of all attachments (most recent at the top!). Very efficient! Since the first day I use Xobni, every hour I am gaining minutes when processing my emails.

Xobni also displays useful statistics about your email relationships. At the top, you see a graph that shows you the time of day when your contact sends your email. This way you know when is (not) a good time to call him/her!

Extend this life hack even more by implementing the Skype plugin (SkypeFirefoxExtension.exe is integrated in the Skype Business Version now!). This little application turns phone numbers automatically in buttons, so you can start calling right away! Handy? Yes!

Start using Xobni today and you’ll experience how efficiency grows!

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck

PS: of course you know that Xobni is the inverse for Inbox!