Time is Limited

November 18, 2010

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

– Steve Jobs –

Too many people are living someone else’s life. Over and over again I meet people in my coaching practice who are stuck. They are stuck because it became impossible to keep up with the rat-race. Burnout or worse! Most of them come to the conclusion that they are actually fulfilling someone else’s dreams. What happened? They took over dreams and wishes of someone else and made them there own. They thought they needed a bigger car, a nicer house, a boat, etc. Now they need to face the fact that they don’t like their job. They lost their family (or nearly) because they are never there for them. They have a significant amount loaned and probably no idea how to keep paying for them, besides working even more.

Why did this happen? I am surprised at the number of people who have no clue about what they want with their life. They have no clear goals or dreams. So, they copy the ones from others, thinking it will be ok. Only to wake up a number of years later in an unsustainable situation. Is this you?

Time to wake up! So, I invite you think about your life. Are your living the life of your dreams? Are you having fun every day? What needs to be done to achieve that? Right, make up your mind first! Start with a list today. Give your own dreams a chance and write them down. Share them with your family and friends. Share them with your network. You might be surprised who could help you achieve them…

1 Month

November 12, 2010

If you had only 1 month to go, what would you do? If you were diagnosed with a lethal disease, how would you react? What is on your bucket list (wish list of things to do before you “kick the bucket“)? Or don’t you have one yet?

I must say, I already lost a number of friends. Everytime it has made a big impression on me! Although I also admit the effect is only temporarily, I reflect on this topic frequently. I created my proper bucket list. By the way, did you see the movie: the Bucket List with Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman? If you would only watch 1 movie for the rest of the year, let it be this one!

Whenever a friend died I tried to contemplate and make something good out of it. Believe me, it is hard to do! But one of the things that emerged everytime is my commitment to ask myself an important question regularly: What would I be doing today if I only had 1 month to live? What if I only had 1 day? Imagine today is the last day of your life? What would you do?

I do not want to sound negative. My goal is to make you think and reflect on your life as well. Too often people die and we are left with a feeling that there was still so much that we needed to say. We postponed it for a later time and now it’s too late! Guilt, remorse and sorrow are emotions that pop up then.

So, let’s get back to what you would do if your last month starts today. What would you do?

Here is my personal Top 10 list, if I had only 30 days to live:

  1. Spend 24/7 with Tonia (my wife)
  2. Have a big family dinner
  3. Throw a party, bbq or dinnerparty with my friends
  4. Visit specific places in India, Australia & New Zealand
  5. Go on diving trip to the Maledives
  6. Sailing cruise around Fiji
  7. Meet Robin Sharma again to thank him for his inspiration
  8. Skydiving
  9. Publish another book (on how to “Create, Connect & Contribute”)
  10. Give a speech for an audience of 10,000 people

Let me know what’s on your list, ok? And by the way, you don’t need to wait for your last 30 days to do the things on your bucket list. I know I won’t!

Living as a lifehacker?

June 23, 2008

How to start living as a lifehacker?
10 life changing tips, so you can have a life 🙂

1. Create a system, even if you live in an unstructured way (like I do 🙂 )
2. Clear your head by getting things out of your head
3. Pile, don’t file (digitize your documents, reduce # of folders, you search anyway)
4. Park on a down inward slope (set yourself up, so you get started faster (e.g. little bug to fix))
5. Build strong(er) filters (protect your time, unsubscribe if you don’t read stuff)
6. Clear the clutter (clear away, create space, clean desk?)
7. Make your to-do’s doable. (every task small, discrete, clear, do it like you would assign a digital assistant, make the easy thing the right thing)
8. Stimulate an agile attitude, always on the lookout for improvement, do things better, faster, easier with a tweak of fun.
9. Implement tools on tools, like Floort on Twitter
10. Be grateful and help others in being more efficient and share your knowledge

Now that you know these 10 outstanding tips of how to become a real lifehacker, what are you going to do with it? Join me 🙂

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck

May you live…

June 13, 2008

May you live all the days of your life.

– Jonathan Swift –

A nice wish by a great author (Gulliver’s Travels) to think about our daily lives. Why are so many of us just surviving and not really living their lives? Start realising that life’s too short and that you have to focus on your purpose in life. It may be over sooner than you think! What if today was your last day? How would you live it? What would you do? And why aren’t you living more days like this special “last day”?

I am grateful for every day and the magnificent opportunities and lessons that are coming my way. I am living my life! On top of that I am focusing on doing what I love to do and enjoying every bit of it!

So, what’s your excuse?

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck

Create, Connect & Contribute