September 30, 2009

Tonia has arrived in Santiago de Compostela! After 2,500km hiking through Belgium, France and Spain she did it! I told you already how proud I am. Having walked the last 800km myself, I know this is a very impressive journey. Tonia grew tremendously during this trip. I walked a merely 300km with her on this trip and saw her growing every day. Tonia, my Superwoman

She got rid of a number of fears. She met these special people along the way. New friendships were born and she enjoyed several miracles. Tonia received these incredible insights and also found her life’s purpose, her legacy. This is all so exciting!

When I return home this weekend, I will have a brand new woman. Not just any woman, but a Superwoman. I need to warn you that the picture you see here is my “old” Tonia, the day she started her walk on the 12th of June. She’ll never be the same again… So, next time you meet her, you’ll see this wonderful glow and energy burst around her 🙂

Tonia, again, congratulations! It is official now: I am the happiest person on this planet, especially monday when we’ll finally be reunited again!

Oh, by the way, she is completely in shape, so she decided to go to the end of the world, Finisterre. This is the place where the zero-marker is placed. 0km to go, the edge of the world, the vast ocean in front of you. There she will burn her last remaining fears and some clothing as a final ritual and completion of her journey.Finisterre, Spain, 0km Camino marker She is ready for a brand new start! Watch her…

Here is a detailed map of her journey. I invite you to congratulate her on her blog.

Extremely Proud

August 21, 2009

My wife ToniaAs many of you know, my wife Tonia is on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) with her backpack. It’s been an exceptional adventure for her so far. And you know what? She passed the 1.500 km earlier this week! Can you believe that? 1.500 km on foot? Needless to say that I am extremely proud about her!

Here are a couple of reasons why she’s going on this trip :

  • Contemplating about a new direction in her professional life
  • Facing the fear of solitude
  • Facing the fear of asking something to people she doesn’t know (introvert!)
  • Becoming more independent and self-reliant
  • Reflect on who she really is. She wants to become an even better person.

To me, she’s almost the perfect woman. Wow! I love her!

So, if you are loosing track of who you really are or you have burn out/bore out or just want to start over, then taking a hike is probably a great way to get you started. I am not saying you must go on a 2.500 km hike as well. At least 1 month would be an excellent start. Oh stop it! Those are just excuses. Anyone can do it! So, can you!

I’ve met several people on my own (rather modest) trip (yes, only 800 km) two years ago, who also had children, a mortgage,  no preparation and a lot of physical challenges… If people who can’t even see well (lost her glasses), who are over 85 years old or who are terminally ill (with only 3 months to live) can walk this trip, then probably all of your reasons are just excuses. Well, if you would like to settle for mediocraty and the life you are having right now, then please do. If, however, you are longing for a magical, unforgettable, one-of-a-kind life, then it is time to step up and break your pattern! Just get up, out of your chair and start planning. Action is the keyword here… There is so much you can do! And if not for yourself, do it for your loved ones.

I know, I might sound rude. This might just be what you have been waiting for…someone to tell you that you can achieve anything! And it’s not falling from the sky onto your lap. You have to do something to reach it. So, once more, I invite you to reflect on your current life and dream about the life you could have. Setup an action plan and put it to work. A few weeks from now, major changes might have occured. And remember : today is the first day of the rest of your life! Spend it well!

PS : if you need some inspiration of what can happen to you, just read Tonia’s blog (in Dutch) or search for other people who went on the Camino to Compostela…

Tonia’s Journey!

February 22, 2009

A new beginning, a new journey!

“Every walk is a kind of crusade, a move to “the West”, a journey into the wilderness, a trip to selfconsciousness, transformation and the future.” These are Henry David Thoreau‘s words, a 19th Century writer who wandered for days in the forests and in the human mind. These are also Tonia’s first words to announce her newest journey! She has decided to take on a new challenge…She’s going to walk 2,500 km with her backpack this summer!

Yes, you’ve read it right : 2,500 km! This means at a rate of 25 km / day on average, she ‘ll be walking at least 100 days!

It is time to take some time off, to step out of her daily patterns of stress and finally create time and space for herself to reflect, to explore in depth who she really is and to contribute to her own legacy, which is yet to be defined. This journey will start at our home in June and will take her through Belgium, France and Spain. Yes, she is walking to Santiago de Compostela and finally to Finisterre, the end of the world 🙂Tonia : Op weg naar mezelf

I congratulate Tonia and am proud of my superwoman that she stepped up to take control of her own life and am looking forward to an even happier life together!

You can follow Tonia on her own blog (in Dutch mainly) and she will add pictures too!

Have fun, always,


Camino to Santiago

May 15, 2008

It’s been 1 year! Last year, I started walking on my 800km “Camino” to Santiago de Compostella, Spain. My life has changed tremendously in the meantime! Since then, I am focusing purely on activities that I really love.

Create : I am an expert in generating ideas! New products, services, applications, markets, combinations, etc. Too many excellent ideas…you want some?
Connect : Extensive business contacts in various industries and expertise in networking (I am doing what Jan is teaching 😉 ). I am a true matchmaker! Try me…
Contribute : helping people in need by adding value (e.g. setting up charity fund, Banana Man, …) If you want to help rightaway, buy the Banana Man book
Coaching : coaching people who want to transform to live their dreams. I help you to step out of your daily pattern and I inspire you to find your true passion(s), not only by giving you a framework and tools, but also the tangible next steps by providing you practical ideas and connections to realise them! Talk to me 😉

I am now building my dreams! I am really doing it! Only yesterday, one of my clients confirmed another coaching assignment involving me in other departments of their organisation. Friday, I had an interesting chat with a potential customer for my creativity and I also got a potential networking customer calling me for a meeting. Excellent!

During this last year, I not only walked the 800km to Santiago, but I’ve also spoken with several gurus. I’ve travelled to Bali, probably returning later this year. I am extending my network globally and I am having fun most of the time. This is how life should be!

So, where are you? Need help? Let’s have a chat…If I can do it, anyone can!

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck
Create, Connect & Contribute