Reach at the Beach

June 27, 2009

Sometimes we are holding on to our limiting beliefs. Like we don’t have the money to become wealthy or that we are too young or too old for this. We don’t have the right background or education. We live in the wrong part of our town or the world. We don’t see ourselves driving that red Ferrari. It’s almost so unimaginable that I won’t even allow myself to think about it let alone be disappointed by it. So, I never start thinking about the possibilities or even visualizing them. This is the power of your limiting beliefs. It’s time to get rid of them as soon as possible. They’ve caused enough pain already!

Sure, I have them too. A lot less then I used to. Why? I found my Reach at the Beach!

Reach at the Beach

How does it work? Go to the beach, preferably a quiet beach where you can see miles of the beach at each side (100 meters will be great to!). Take a random spot on the beach that will be washed away when the flood arrives (yes this means going there between ebb and flood). Face the ocean (lake or sea), stretch your arms parallel to the ocean and turn 90° clockwise. Just look into the sand, right in front of you. Focus on a square meter (approx. 10 square feet). Think about all the failures in your life. Go back in time and relive the times when you did not reach your goals, the moments you felt like a loser. Relive the past of failed opportunities and bankrupt businesses. Look back at the times you were really disappointed in yourself. Feel the pain and experience the humiliation it caused. Concentrate and focus these negative thoughts into sand just in front of you. This is the last time you will ever think about them again!

Now, draw a horizontal line in the sand (1 meter or 3 feet). Promise yourself that you will never cross that line! You just physically separated yourself from all this negativity. Never, ever will you go to these negative thoughts and pain again. You will do whatever it takes to stay at this side of the line. Can you do that? How hard is it? It’s just a line in the sand, right? Wrong! It is the border of your limiting beliefs you are about to box in.

So, go to the beginning of your line at the left side. With your left foot draw another line of 1 meter (another 3 feet) that is 90° relatively to your existing line. Keep focusing on these negative feelings that are on the other side of the line. For 1 minute, think about all the excuses you have come up with in the past. These excuses were just to cover up your failures, but that’s all right. Then go the left once more and draw another 1 meter line in the sand, creating a U-shape with the existing 2 connected lines. You are now on the opposite side of your initial line, but you didn’t cross it! Now take another minute to reflect on these past, bad experiences. It’s about time you are letting these go. Think about all the anger towards the people who did make it, who are successful. Think about the spells (curses?) you put on them, the unfairness of why they got what you wanted. Think about your jealousy, perhaps even the hatred towards some people. Let it all come out. The bad energy is taking it best shot to bring you down! It knows that it is about to be beaten…

Then step to the left again and draw the final line in the sand, creating a square. Your negative experiences, internal pain and also limiting beliefs are now all in that square meter (10 feet). Jump 3 times up and down. Congratulate yourself for boxing in all that negativity!

Take 3 steps backwards and look at your square from a distance. Start smiling and look around at the beach. First look to the left and enjoy discovering how far it reaches. Listen to the waves arriving at the beach. Now look to the right and enjoy discovering how far the beach reaches to this side as well. Then take a good look at your tiny square in front of you. See how insignificant it is compared to the entire surface of the beach? Laugh at the ridiculously small square, because you have tricked your negativity, all of it, into this tiny, little square. It can’t go anywhere, because you’ve created an impenetrable boundary around it.

The beach is a great metaphor for your mind. It’s also vast and used to have small negative thoughts, which are now put into little boxes. Stay on the beach and enjoy the little square being washed away by the flood. The flood also takes away the squares or boxes in your mind. So, they cease to exist! They are all washed away for good! You can start with a clean beach and a clear mind. You can focus on the entire beach as your new playground. You can stretch your mind as far as the beach goes. Reach for the beach! Reach for the stars! Reach for anything you want! You can get it if you really want! If you can conceive it, you can achieve it! Imagine whatever you like. Visualize any dream. Go beyond your wildest dreams and start living them!

Enjoy every day!

Bert Verdonck

Lifehacker & Life Coach
Create, Connect & Contribute

Fibonacci Dancing

June 23, 2009

Together with 2 friends I started another blog called Beyondia. Be Inspired to look beyond today and any day 🙂

Anyway, Bea wrote an inspiring piece on Fibonacci and a guy who starts dancing on his own, just for a while, keep watching and witness how Fibonacci comes out to play…

Of course, if you need more background, just read Bea’s article! Oh, if you want to know what Fibonacci’s real name is, you have to read this one too!

Have fun,


200 MSWord Shortcuts

June 17, 2009

Word2003MS Word is probably the most used text editor, oh excuse me, word processor in the world. So, it makes perfectly sense to share a great list of 200 shortcuts for using it, right? By the way, they are valid for Word 2002, Word 2003 and Word 2007 (preferably U.S.A. keyboard layout).

Sure, Microsoft created this list, but I am sure not everyone knows they exist and it’s most likely that you don’t know them all 🙂

So, knock yourself out if you want to boost your Word-efficiency with these 200 shortcuts:

   Command Name                  Shortcut Keys

   All Caps                      CTRL+SHIFT+A
   Annotation                    ALT+CTRL+M
   App Maximize                  ALT+F10
   App Restore                   ALT+F5
   Apply Heading1                ALT+CTRL+1
   Apply Heading2                ALT+CTRL+2
   Apply Heading3                ALT+CTRL+3
   Apply List Bullet             CTRL+SHIFT+L
   Auto Format                   ALT+CTRL+K
   Auto Text                     F3 or ALT+CTRL+V
   Bold                          CTRL+B or CTRL+SHIFT+B
   Bookmark                      CTRL+SHIFT+F5
   Browse Next                   CTRL+PAGE DOWN
   Browse Previous               CTRL+PAGE UP
   Browse Sel                    ALT+CTRL+HOME
   Cancel                        ESC
   Center Para                   CTRL+E
   Change Case                   SHIFT+F3
   Char Left                     LEFT
   Char Left Extend              SHIFT+LEFT
   Char Right                    RIGHT
   Char Right Extend             SHIFT+RIGHT
   Clear                         DELETE
   Close or Exit                 ALT+F4
   Close Pane                    ALT+SHIFT+C
   Column Break                  CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER
   Column Select                 CTRL+SHIFT+F8
   Copy                          CTRL+C or CTRL+INSERT
   Copy Format                   CTRL+SHIFT+C
   Copy Text                     SHIFT+F2
   Create Auto Text              ALT+F3
   Customize Add Menu            ALT+CTRL+=
   Customize Keyboard            ALT+CTRL+NUM +
   Customize Remove Menu         ALT+CTRL+-
   Cut                           CTRL+X or SHIFT+DELETE
   Date Field                    ALT+SHIFT+D
   Delete Back Word              CTRL+BACKSPACE
   Delete Word                   CTRL+DELETE
   Dictionary                    ALT+SHIFT+F7
   Do Field Click                ALT+SHIFT+F9
   Doc Close                     CTRL+W or CTRL+F4
   Doc Maximize                  CTRL+F10
   Doc Move                      CTRL+F7
   Doc Restore                   CTRL+F5
   Doc Size                      CTRL+F8
   Doc Split                     ALT+CTRL+S
   Double Underline              CTRL+SHIFT+D
   End of Column                 ALT+PAGE DOWN
   End of Column                 ALT+SHIFT+PAGE DOWN
   End of Doc Extend             CTRL+SHIFT+END
   End of Document               CTRL+END
   End of Line                   END
   End of Line Extend            SHIFT+END
   End of Row                    ALT+END
   End of Row                    ALT+SHIFT+END
   End of Window                 ALT+CTRL+PAGE DOWN
   End of Window Extend          ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+PAGE DOWN
   Endnote Now                   ALT+CTRL+D
   Extend Selection              F8
   Field Chars                   CTRL+F9
   Field Codes                   ALT+F9
   Find                          CTRL+F
   Font                          CTRL+D or CTRL+SHIFT+F
   Font Size Select              CTRL+SHIFT+P
   Footnote Now                  ALT+CTRL+F
   Go Back                       SHIFT+F5 or ALT+CTRL+Z
   Go To                         CTRL+G or F5
   Grow Font                     CTRL+SHIFT+.
   Grow Font One Point           CTRL+]
   Hanging Indent                CTRL+T
   Header Footer Link            ALT+SHIFT+R
   Help                          F1
   Hidden                        CTRL+SHIFT+H
   Hyperlink                     CTRL+K
   Indent                        CTRL+M
   Italic                        CTRL+I or CTRL+SHIFT+I
   Justify Para                  CTRL+J
   Left Para                     CTRL+L
   Line Down                     DOWN
   Line Down Extend              SHIFT+DOWN
   Line Up                       UP
   Line Up Extend                SHIFT+UP
   List Num Field                ALT+CTRL+L
   Lock Fields                   CTRL+3 or CTRL+F11
   Macro                         ALT+F8
   Mail Merge Check              ALT+SHIFT+K
   Mail Merge Edit Data Source   ALT+SHIFT+E
   Mail Merge to Doc             ALT+SHIFT+N
   Mail Merge to Printer         ALT+SHIFT+M
   Mark Citation                 ALT+SHIFT+I
   Mark Index Entry              ALT+SHIFT+X
   Mark Table of Contents Entry  ALT+SHIFT+O
   Menu Mode                     F10
   Merge Field                   ALT+SHIFT+F
   Microsoft Script Editor       ALT+SHIFT+F11
   Microsoft System Info         ALT+CTRL+F1
   Move Text                     F2
   New                           CTRL+N
   Next Cell                     TAB
   Next Field                    F11 or ALT+F1
   Next Misspelling              ALT+F7
   Next Object                   ALT+DOWN
   Next Window                   CTRL+F6 or ALT+F6
   Normal                        ALT+CTRL+N
   Normal Style                  CTRL+SHIFT+N or ALT+SHIFT+CLEAR (NUM 5)
   Open                          CTRL+O or CTRL+F12 or ALT+CTRL+F2
   Open or Close Up Para         CTRL+0
   Other Pane                    F6 or SHIFT+F6
   Outline                       ALT+CTRL+O
   Outline Collapse              ALT+SHIFT+- or ALT+SHIFT+NUM -
   Outline Demote                ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT
   Outline Expand                ALT+SHIFT+=
   Outline Expand                ALT+SHIFT+NUM +
   Outline Move Down             ALT+SHIFT+DOWN
   Outline Move Up               ALT+SHIFT+UP
   Outline Promote               ALT+SHIFT+LEFT
   Outline Show First Line       ALT+SHIFT+L
   Overtype                      INSERT
   Page                          ALT+CTRL+P
   Page Break                    CTRL+ENTER
   Page Down                     PAGE DOWN
   Page Down Extend              SHIFT+PAGE DOWN
   Page Field                    ALT+SHIFT+P
   Page Up                       PAGE UP
   Page Up Extend                SHIFT+PAGE UP
   Para Down                     CTRL+DOWN
   Para Down Extend              CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN
   Para Up                       CTRL+UP
   Para Up Extend                CTRL+SHIFT+UP
   Paste                         CTRL+V or SHIFT+INSERT
   Paste Format                  CTRL+SHIFT+V
   Prev Cell                     SHIFT+TAB
   Prev Field                    SHIFT+F11 or ALT+SHIFT+F1
   Prev Object                   ALT+UP
   Prev Window                   CTRL+SHIFT+F6 or ALT+SHIFT+F6
   Print                         CTRL+P or CTRL+SHIFT+F12
   Print Preview                 CTRL+F2 or ALT+CTRL+I
   Proofing                      F7
   Redo                          ALT+SHIFT+BACKSPACE
   Redo or Repeat                CTRL+Y or F4 or ALT+ENTER
   Repeat Find                   SHIFT+F4 or ALT+CTRL+Y
   Replace                       CTRL+H
   Reset Char                    CTRL+SPACE or CTRL+SHIFT+Z
   Reset Para                    CTRL+Q
   Revision Marks Toggle         CTRL+SHIFT+E
   Right Para                    CTRL+R
   Save                          CTRL+S or SHIFT+F12 or ALT+SHIFT+F2
   Save As                       F12
   Select All                    CTRL+A or CTRL+CLEAR (NUM 5) or CTRL+NUM 5
   Select Table                  ALT+CLEAR (NUM 5)
   Show All                      CTRL+SHIFT+8
   Show All Headings             ALT+SHIFT+A
   Show Heading1                 ALT+SHIFT+1
   Show Heading2                 ALT+SHIFT+2
   Show Heading3                 ALT+SHIFT+3
   Show Heading4                 ALT+SHIFT+4
   Show Heading5                 ALT+SHIFT+5
   Show Heading6                 ALT+SHIFT+6
   Show Heading7                 ALT+SHIFT+7
   Show Heading8                 ALT+SHIFT+8
   Show Heading9                 ALT+SHIFT+9
   Shrink Font                   CTRL+SHIFT+,
   Shrink Font One Point         CTRL+[
   Small Caps                    CTRL+SHIFT+K
   Space Para1                   CTRL+1
   Space Para15                  CTRL+5
   Space Para2                   CTRL+2
   Spike                         CTRL+SHIFT+F3 or CTRL+F3
   Start of Column               ALT+PAGE UP
   Start of Column               ALT+SHIFT+PAGE UP
   Start of Doc Extend           CTRL+SHIFT+HOME
   Start of Document             CTRL+HOME
   Start of Line                 HOME
   Start of Line Extend          SHIFT+HOME
   Start of Row                  ALT+HOME
   Start of Row                  ALT+SHIFT+HOME
   Start of Window               ALT+CTRL+PAGE UP
   Start of Window Extend        ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+PAGE UP
   Style                         CTRL+SHIFT+S
   Subscript                     CTRL+=
   Superscript                   CTRL+SHIFT+=
   Symbol Font                   CTRL+SHIFT+Q
   Thesaurus                     SHIFT+F7
   Time Field                    ALT+SHIFT+T
   Toggle Field Display          SHIFT+F9
   Toggle Master Subdocs         CTRL+\
   Tool                          SHIFT+F1
   Un Hang                       CTRL+SHIFT+T
   Un Indent                     CTRL+SHIFT+M
   Underline                     CTRL+U or CTRL+SHIFT+U
   Undo                          CTRL+Z or ALT+BACKSPACE
   Unlink Fields                 CTRL+6 or CTRL+SHIFT+F9
   Unlock Fields                 CTRL+4 or CTRL+SHIFT+F11
   Update Auto Format            ALT+CTRL+U
   Update Fields                 F9 or ALT+SHIFT+U
   Update Source                 CTRL+SHIFT+F7
   VBCode                        ALT+F11
   Web Go Back                   ALT+LEFT
   Web Go Forward                ALT+RIGHT
   Word Left                     CTRL+LEFT
   Word Left Extend              CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT
   Word Right                    CTRL+RIGHT
   Word Right Extend             CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT
   Word Underline                CTRL+SHIFT+W

If you are interested in the history of MS Word, Guidebook has a gallery with all the Word logos!

Proofreaders Wanted

June 5, 2009

We are in the process of writing a book, the Other 97%, about Google and the rest of the Internet. You can imagine that it takes a lot of work to write and publish this book. Of course, we want to focus on delivering a quality book. This also includes proofreaders who check the content, spelling mistakes, examples, …you know, the works!

So, if you are interesting in discovering what the Other 97% of the internet is about or just want to give us a helping hand, then this is your call. Get in touch now, so I can brief you and discuss our planning.

If you are looking for a scoop and want to be ahead of the rest, then now is time for action! In order to be the first one, get in touch now, So I can brief you and discuss our planning.

If you want to learn about at least 100 alternatives to Google or just want the shortcuts in finding anything you are looking for, then you have to get in touch now. Then I can give you a proper briefing and discuss our planning.

If you just want to be quoted in the book or maybe you would be happy to deliver a testimonial (I am sure you’ll like the book 🙂 ), then act now and get in touch. This way, I can brief you properly and discuss our planning.

If by now, you didn’t get it, proofreading is not your thing, so don’t get in touch now! Buy the book later 🙂

Thanks for stepping up!

How To Tell Your Boss “No”?

June 3, 2009

How to say “NO” to your boss? What about a colleague? In trainings people often ask me about tips on how to delegate stuff or get rid of things. Most people are already overloaded with tasks, responsabilities and deadlines. The boss keeps on adding stuff and won’t take “no” for an answer. So, how to deal with that?

Here are some great tips and shortcuts on how to say “NO” to your boss. Please, try them and give us feedback!

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Help Me Help You?

June 1, 2009

This video shows a couple of realistic discussions you might have with your clients. I know, it’s funny in a way, but a lot of entrepreneurs have to deal with this…and it’s good to have a great client relationship, but where is the limit? Is there a limit? I’ve crossed it…

“Help us help you”
“We didn’t budget for this…”
“This is priced at $ 19.99, I only got …”
“I’d like the highlights, but I can only pay for the trim.” “So today we are only doing the trim today?” “No, both, …”
“Let me make a phonecall and see what I can do. Can you do $8.50?”
“You’d gotta to help me out”
“We can do this…”
“You gotta work with me. Come on, let’s do this”
“I’ll make it up on the next one, what do you say…”


What phrases do you use? Or your clients?

I realized last month that I had an SME customer who didn’t pay me in time. I know, I should have followed up on them faster. The thing is, we are 1 year later (sic!) and they still haven’t paid me. So, after delibaration, I decided to ask my lawyer to take the next steps. They are close to going down, so the last thing I want for them is to go bankrupt. Instead of settling for a payment schedule (again), I insisted of getting a better deal. What happened? We went to court. The court ruled in our favour and I now have a solid payment schedule. If they miss once, I can claim the total amount at once. Now, I am pretty sure they will pay in time!

People who know me, will tell you that I am a nice guy (really 🙂 ) Unfortunately, at a certain point in time, I also reach my ‘goodness’ limit. So, this particular customer reached it and kept asking for more. Where are you? Do you have customers going over your limit? What are you doing about it? Help them to help you? That would be fantastic!