Another Networking Tip!

March 28, 2007

You probably meet a lot of people, not only during networking events, but also in your day-to-day meetings. Sometimes it is very hard to keep track of who you have met where and how…So, be sure to take notes about each new contact at the back of their business card! It is a great way to remember important points about those new contacts that can help grow them into a mutually beneficial relationship. On top of that it shows your contacts that it was important enough for you to write it all down…


March 28, 2007

Your current reality is nothing more than a complete reflection of the lessons you most need to learn.

– Robin Sharma –

Fantastische avond…

March 28, 2007

Bedankt iedereen voor de leuke avond gisteren bij Ecademy Antwerpen!

Naast een interessant onderwerp (iedereen heeft allicht iets opgestoken) was het netwerken ook bijzonder boeiend. Een aantal nieuwe mensen ontmoet en boeiende conversaties gevoerd…

Van de sprekers heb ik vooral onthouden dat ik best regelmatig eens een checkup doe van mijn vermogen (always room for improvement!), de Jag verkopen (als ik er één zou hebben), niet beleggen in goud, enkel beleggen met geld dat ik absoluut kan missen (voor aantal jaar) en op tijd moet beginnen aan die 2.500.000 € wil ik na mijn 60e nog 40 jaar genieten 😉

In ieder geval is de toon voor het volgende event op 19/06 gezet 😉

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck

Ecademy Antwerpen : vanavond lancering!

March 27, 2007

Als clubleider van Ecademy Antwerpen belooft het een spannende avond te worden. De club is met een nieuwe ploeg vol goede moed aan de slag gegaan…

De verwachtingen zijn uiteraard bijzonder hoog, gezien het vorige event zo fantastisch was. Nu, ik ben er gerust in, want we gaan minstens even goed doen!

We hebben een tijdje de mensen nieuwsgierig gemaakt door te werken met een ‘mistery guest’, zodat ze zelf konden raden wie de gastspreker is. Anouck Lejeune van IPFP komt een leuke uiteenzetting geven over onze weg naar financiële onafhankelijkheid : Denk nu aan later en vermijd een financiële kater!

Wordt vervolgd,

Bert Verdonck

Double Dreamin’ ?

March 26, 2007

Don’t we all dream of winning a big jackpot or lottery or … ? Sure we do!

But, how do you decide on the numbers? Some people select significant numbers like birthdays, others go for calculated numbers or some just pick random numbers.

Mary Wollens, an 86 year old ex-lottery winner, won the Ontario Lottery after dreaming of a lotto ticket and a large cheque. So she decided to buy yet another lottery ticket with the same numbers (duh?). Needless to say she won (again), (or I would not be writing this…) but what is fascinating is that someone else had the right numbers as well! Normally we would laugh at people buying the same numbers again, but instead of splitting the amount in half, it was now divided in 3 parts, where Mary took home 2/3!

What are the odds on that? 😉

Sure, I play too and I keep on dreaming. So, I must change the order, dream of the numbers first, then play…

Enjoy every day,


The richest person in the world…

March 26, 2007

The richest person in the world is not the person who has the most, but the one who needs the least.

 – anonymous –

Does anyone know the original author?

Starting with golf

March 26, 2007

Saturday I had my first golf-lesson!

I signed up for an golf initiation together with 5 other newbies. My goal is to get my golf certificate (GVB) by the summer.

After an introduction to the sport, it was time to learn the grips and putting.

Wow, this is hard…I looks easy and when I was a kid, we went to midget golf once and a while, but the “real” stuff is so much harder! It is really interesting to see me even missing a 50cm put 😉 Not once, but several times… Everyone has the right to learn, right?

Are you a golfer ? What handicap ? And do you play often ? What is the best golf course you ever played on? Any golf stories you want to share?

I think golf is quite an ‘honest’ sport. One day you are playing very good and might be capable of beating a pro. The next day, you are beaten by a novice…In a lot of sports he who owns the best gear often wins the game. Not so in golf!

Have a great day,


How Mumbai got its name…

March 23, 2007

It looks like a sequel, but you probably wanted to know why I talked about Bombay and not about Mumbai…Well, I honestly did not know the ethymological background of Mumbai yet! At first I assumed that the name “Bombay” was a British corruption of the original “Mumbai”.

Mumbai, a cluster of seven islands, derives its name from Mumbadevi, the patron goddess of the Koli fisher folk, its oldest inhabitants.

So I was told wink

Ok, you want the names of the seven islands as well, right? Colaba, Mazagaon, Old Woman’s Island, Wadala, Mahim, Parel and Matunga-Sion.

The change (back) from Bombay to Mumbai was first proposed as far back as 1982 by the municipal government. However, it was not until 1995 that the change was actually made from Bombay to Mumbai. Of course, a lot of people still name the city Bombay, even Bombayites (or should we call them Mumbaites 😉 )

Enjoy every day,


Going from Good 2 Great

March 23, 2007

Everyone is reading lots of books. Me too! So, in order to fasten things up for you, I have written a personal book review on Jim Collins’ Good To Great, already a classic.

So, you download my book review here (in Dutch!). If you really like it, buy the book and read the whole story! If you have read the book and just want a (kind of an adapted) summary, no problem.

Let me know what you learned from it, ok ?

Enjoy the weekend,

Bert Verdonck

Fun at fridays…

March 23, 2007

Hey all,

Here is some fun stuff for a great friday like today:

I used to believe is a website about silly beliefs that people had as children.

Here are some great examples:

Chocolate milk comes from brown cows.
Oral sex is talking about sex.
Girls don’t fart.
There are monsters living under your bed.
Parents have eyes in the back of there heads.
If you swallow a seed, a plant will grow inside you.

What were your beliefs when you were a kid, or still believe, but didn’t tell anyone (yet)?

Have a great day,