Choosing a great chart

After Cherish Charts, I received several questions from people on how to choose the right chart for their presentation. Do you actually know when best to use which type of chart? Of course you do! Certainly after reading this brilliant chart about extremely effective communication of complex information. It was created by Andrew Abela, author of the Extreme Presentation Method.


It gives a clear overview and suggestions of different types like Comparison, Distribution, Composition and Relationship charts.  With easy-to-understand parameters any data you want to present in a simple, straight forward way, this is the best overview I have found so far. Even for non-technical people this chart tells you everything you need. And of course, once you have decided, think about using the Cherish Charts 🙂

Thanks for all your questions! And yes, we are open for more. If you need to speak to a local expert, I recommend Sylvie Verleye.

Cheers with your charts,

Bert Verdonck
Lifehacker & Life Coach


One Response to Choosing a great chart

  1. Hi Bert,
    I just had a look at the extreme presentation method and i must say I was impressed by his action plan to create a presentation. Especially as he specifically added ‘anecdotes’ as a step (something that is often forgotten in presentations).

    As for the charts, I prefer the ‘cherish charts link’. In my opinion the font that Andrew Abela uses is too small in his charts. It all depends of course what the purpose is? Sometimes PowerPoints are made to look at from a computer and not to present. then you get away with a small font size. If you want to present it, 24 is the lowest font you can use…

    Many thanks for sharing this!

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