The “Banana Man”…just go bananas!

September 21, 2007

“Wow! Respect!”

These were my first two words after reading the story of Kevin “Banana Man” Allen!

Kevin saw a documentary about AIDS orphans in Zululand (South Africa) and quite literally went bananas. He watched in horror as a young boy witness his father die of AIDS in front his of eyes. He had to walk miles back to his home, a filthy mud hut with no running water, gas or electricity. Distraught and starving, he soon broke down in tears – so did Kevin. His mother had already died of AIDS a year early and his brave sister, aged only 11, tried to comfort him in vain.

Kevin could not accept this and six days later went to Zululand, bought a taxi full of bananas to offer it to the starving children (hence his nickname : the banana man). He sold his house, went back, giving as much as he could, started a charity fund (Banana Appeal) to initialise a structural way of helping orphans. In the meantime he wrote a book about his story.

He only needs 4p (6 eurocent) to feed a hungry child for a day with fresh fruit! 

His goal is to feed 1 million school meals…so, how can you help? Visit the site, donate, buy the book, sign up as a volunteer, …

Time for action,


Your child’s creativity?

September 19, 2007

A lot has been said about creativity, but what are the rules, the boundaries, the goals, the outcome? Who knows?

Who are we to put a limit to a child’s creativity? Maybe we should ask: How can we encourage a child?Let’s use our imagination too…

I know this commercial already exists for some time now, but it’s time for you to have a look at it 😉

So, think twice, before you are judging your child’s drawing(s) again…

Let’s all have fun,

Nederland Innovatief

September 15, 2007

Na lang wachten heb ik eindelijk de spits afgebeten… mijn eerste artikel over Nieuwe producten bedenken is verschenen op Nederland Innovatief, weblog over innovatie in Nederland. Willy van Bragt heeft het initiatief genomen om met deze blog te starten. Een tijdje terug vroeg hij me om af en toe een artikel mee te schrijven en ik heb met plezier ingestemd!

Nu, wat kan een Belg vertellen over innovatie in Nederland 😉

Wacht maar af en lees regelmatig Nederland Innovatief, de meeste ideeën zijn immers ook in België toepasbaar…

Geniet elke dag,


The “psshht” experience

September 12, 2007

Ever smelled someone next to you ?

All kind of smells reaching your nostrils…going from great parfumes, fresh blends of showergel, shampoo and deo to awfull coffee breaths or garlic conversations… Ever experienced a person who was sweating so much you could tell he/she was coming your way from at least 5 meters away? What about sitting in the same car or on the bus for a couple of hours? Or standing in line?

Didn’t you wish you had brought an air fragrance or small deo or perfume bottle with you? Just a little spray (psshht) and the world would look (rather smell)  like new again 😉

I’d never think it would happen to me…this is being “psshht” at.

How did this happen?

On the Camino, you only have a handful of clothes with you. It was raining a lot, so your clothes are not getting any time to get washed and dry properly. Sleeping with a couple, dozen, even hundred other (stinking) people in one room might give you a good insight. On top of that, if you are walking up and down hills, you (well at least I did!) sweat a lot too!

Now, arriving in Pamplona, we rushed for the albergue, enrolled and then went looking for a cheap car rental agency. What happened. Well, Tonia en I arrived in France by car. Tonia was joining me on the trip for 5 days, but she had to go back to France to pick up the car. Since there is no real connection (e.g. bus) between the Spanish border and France in the mountains, you could walk back or take a cab. We heard some amazing prices for a taxi, so we decided to rather rent a car instead. Anyway, we had to find an agency first. Arriving in the early afternoon, Tonia found a couple of cheap agencies, but they were closed, due to siësta…

Consequently, we had to wait for a couple of hours, so we visited the city, being at the south of the town and the albergue in the north, we didn’t shower that afernoon. So, finally the agency opened up and we got in. They were out of cars! Apperently, a lot of tourists hired all of his cars. Only a couple of big, unaffordable cars (executive and grand class) were available.

We went on to the second agency. They did not open until 17h00! We got in and hired a small car. While we are checking in the manager arrives as well and comes out of her office with an air fragrance and “psshht”s us. Wow, I can tell you, not a pretty experience! But, hey, another lesson learned 😉

Did something similar ever happen to you? Do you dare to share?

Enjoy every day,