Four crazy Belgians on the Camino…

August 28, 2007

My good friend Edu is about 2m tall, so some people nicknamed him El Chiquitin (the little one). He is Basque and speaks Basque (Euskera) and Spanish. He understands just a few words of French and English, not enough to conversate, so I tried to speak Spanish (always including a few Italian words, right Edu?) to him. Eventually, we managed to communicate very well. I even learned him some basic German words…I know we would have all day during the hiking, but just imagine you want to tell a story of 10 minutes and synthesize it into 5 sentences, otherwhise it would take too long to explain 😉

Anyway, he once told me he had met just a couple of Belgians on his Camino and all were loco (crazy). Indeed, he told me about these four crazy Belgians

Of course, I don’t need to explain myself. Everyone knows me 😉 No comment!

I already told you about my new friend Sandrita. I must admit, she sometimes acts like she’s crazy… Singing, dancing and joking all the time, she is truly fun to be with! She is indeed a great person with a caring heart, sincere and giving. On top of that she speaks 7 languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish) fluently. She’s an actor in theatre productions, animates children (and adults) and is a tour guide (currently in Ecaudor!). Does this sound too much like an ad for her? 😉 Well, she’s single and who knows who might be interested…

Number 3 is Roger, a 73 year-old Belgian from the Walloon area. He is reknown for his incredible speed. He walks like his feet are on fire! Wow! Impressive, but he is probably best known for his funny, limited conversations or quote, which goes like: “Ca va? Ca va? Mangez? Mangez? C’est bien, no? C’est bon!” So, many people might refer to him as “Roger Mangez” 😉 Everytime you meet him he repeats this quote, over and over again! I’ve seen people going crazy, because they’ve spend a lot of time with him 😉 No, seriously, he’s from a different generation and I respect him for walking 800km at his age, knowing that he does this for his wife who is diagnosed with cancer. I wish him all the best!

Then last, but not least comes our famous fidler, Caroline, also from the Walloon area (rest assured, my team is politically correct 😉 ). She is a pretty good violin player, who missed her instrument too long during the trip, so she decided to buy one on the Camino. Can you imagine someone with a backpack, carrying a violin too? She sometimes plays unaware of several peregrinos sitting quitly behind her on the stairs, enjoying the lovely sounds…Or she teams up with other musicians along the road, we had guitar players from Italy, El Salvador, Spain, France, etc. , next to flutes, piano and a lot of homemade instruments. The true sound of the Camino!

So, if these 4 people were the only Belgians you’ve met on your trip to Santiago, Edu’s right : Todo loco!

Enjoy every day,


The pineapple story…

August 27, 2007

Yet another Camino story…

At a certain point on the Camino, called the Meseta,  we had to walk a straight part of 17km without bars, shops, towns or anything else from civilization.

Some people were afraid or feared to be bored by it. Others raved on it, because finally we would go on a great plain of (almost) untouched nature. The only thing reminding us of humans is the electricity cables in the sky, at a distance.

Anyway, before leaving the last town, I decided to buy a large pineapple. People told me I was crazy! Everyone is looking to minimize the weight of their backpack, I just added 3kgs to it 😉 I decided to ignore them, smiled at them and told them it was my favorite fruit…

So, I carried the heavy pineapple on my back on top of my backpack for 17kms. At the first town, the first building was a refugio. Although I had decided upfront I would not stay there, it was time for a break on a rock in front of this refugio. I took my pineapple and sliced it. I offered a fresh piece of pineapple to everyone passing by…

At first people were surprised that someone offered it to them, but then I saw them smiling from ear to ear. They all enjoyed a juicy piece of pineapple, it didn’t matter how tired, wet or concentrated they were! Needless to say that it was a priceless experience to contribute to their happyness, even if it was for just a moment on their challenging trip to Santiago…

So, now you know the story of that crazy Belgian who brought a fresh pineapple on the Meseta!

Enjoy every day,


Morgen is de dag…

August 22, 2007

Morgen is de dag dat ik mijn workshop rond Structureel Netwerken breng op In Shape For September.

Naast de Powertrain om 10u30, waar ik de laatste 20 minuten voor mijn rekening neem, zal ik ook een workshop tussen 12u en 13u voor mijn rekening nemen.

Nu nog snel even slapen en morgen gaan we ervoor!

Enjoy every day,


Everything you want …

August 14, 2007

“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask.

Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.”
                                – Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul –

So, share which actions you are taking to get what you ask…

I am changing my professional career from communication/internet/biometrics into create/connect/contribute! It was a big decision, but now I am glad I made it. Every day I am getting one step closer to what I really want

Have a great day,


Whale Done!

August 11, 2007

This time I have written a personal book review on Ken Blanchard’s Whale Done!

The book is about the power of positive relationships. Most people are focusing on catching people doing thins wrong (GOTcha) instead of catching people doing things right (Whale Done!)

I hope you enjoy my review and buy the book to read the whole story 😉

Enjoy every day,