Today’s Contract

June 17, 2008

In today’s cell phone, internet, fast moving society we see a contrast with a few of the most common human challenges we face.

Fear and insecurity. A human basic need, but so many people today are gripped, almost paralysed with a sense of fear. The vulnerability often fosters a resignation to riskless living and to co-dependy (or is it interdependeny?) with others at work and at home. The problem, in my humble opinion (imho), is that we are living in an interdependent reality, and our most important accomplishments require interdependency skills well beyond our present (and future?) abilities.

Next is the lack of life balance. Our lives are increasingly complex, stressful and exhausting. For all our efforts to manage our time, do more, be more and achieve greater efficiency (through lifehacking?), why is it that we find ourselves in a situation of subordinating health, family, integrity and many of the things that matter most to our work? Go in earlier, work harder, more efficient, stay later and sacrifice more, seems to be bringing peace of mind, but is it really worth it? I don’t think so, but who am I to state that? I’ve been there (+100 hours/week for years), done that (bought the T-shirt if you like) and didn’t want it no more.

I consciously choose to do the work that I love (it hardly feels like work nowadays!), and focus on what I really want in live. I delegate “stuff” I don’t want to do or get rid of it in some way, so that I can dedicate almost all my time to enjoying what I do. I’d say I became pretty good at it by now πŸ™‚ And where are you? When do you start living (the life you really want)? What’s keeping you? When did you decide not to go easy on yourself? Get rid of that limiting believe and start living what you really dream of…I did it and so can you!

Something to think about, right? πŸ˜‰

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck
Lifehacker & Coach

Camino to Santiago

May 15, 2008

It’s been 1 year! Last year, I started walking on my 800km β€œCamino” to Santiago de Compostella, Spain. My life has changed tremendously in the meantime! Since then, I am focusing purely on activities that I really love.

Create : I am an expert in generating ideas! New products, services, applications, markets, combinations, etc. Too many excellent ideas…you want some?
Connect : Extensive business contacts in various industries and expertise in networking (I am doing what Jan is teaching πŸ˜‰ ). I am a true matchmaker! Try me…
Contribute : helping people in need by adding value (e.g. setting up charity fund, Banana Man, …) If you want to help rightaway, buy the Banana Man book
Coaching : coaching people who want to transform to live their dreams. I help you to step out of your daily pattern and I inspire you to find your true passion(s), not only by giving you a framework and tools, but also the tangible next steps by providing you practical ideas and connections to realise them! Talk to me πŸ˜‰

I am now building my dreams! I am really doing it! Only yesterday, one of my clients confirmed another coaching assignment involving me in other departments of their organisation. Friday, I had an interesting chat with a potential customer for my creativity and I also got a potential networking customer calling me for a meeting. Excellent!

During this last year, I not only walked the 800km to Santiago, but I’ve also spoken with several gurus. I’ve travelled to Bali, probably returning later this year. I am extending my network globally and I am having fun most of the time. This is how life should be!

So, where are you? Need help? Let’s have a chat…If I can do it, anyone can!

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck
Create, Connect & Contribute

I have a dream…

May 12, 2008

I have a dream…
– Martin Luther King Jr. –

We all have a dream or a list of dreams, but how many of us are working on them. They will remain a dream until you really take action in realizing your dreams. A lot of people have a “we’ll see” attitude. We’ll see what happens. We’ll see what the future brings. Just wait, we’ll see. We’ll see when we retire. If you keep on postponing your dreams, your life will be over before you know it without living your dreams.

So, take a good look at your current list of dreams and review where you are right now. Make a plan and execute it. Go and live your dreams! I am doing it and so can you!

Ohh, you don’t have a list of dreams yet? What’s keeping you? Drop everything else, take a piece of paper and start writing. Open up your computer and start typing. First focus on the WHAT, then you’ll find a way to HOW you are going to reach your dreams. Too many people are already stuck in the HOW, but don’t know WHAT it is they want. So, like in the Alice and the rabbit scene : if you don’t know where you are going, it doesn’t matter if you go left or right.

I can not stress it more : make a list of your dreams, plan and act accordingly. It’s the only way to fulfilling your dreams! Oh, and enjoy the journey πŸ™‚

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck
Create, Connect & Contribute

Winners must have two things…

March 25, 2008

Winners must have two things, definite goals and a burning desire to achieve them.

What a great line this is, isn’t it? Because we are so busy, we often forget where we are going and what we are doing πŸ™‚

Do you have a set of goals? Have you written them down? How often do you read them? Are taking any action towards them?

Of course, we all want to achieve our dreams, but how hard do you want it? It is the most important decision in our lives to live our dreams, but how many people are really committed? I meet a lot of people who have set out their goals and their dreams, but lack the burning desire. “Some day, we’ll work on it.” “Just in case something happens, we still have our backup plan. ” If you take a decision, which is to cut off any other possibility, to live your dreams, there is no time for sidetracks!

If you don’t get serious, you certainly won’t commit! If you are not committed, you’ll end up nowhere, maybe somewhere, but certainly not there where you want to be!

I am not sure who came up with this quote first. It’s on a poster somewhere, but it might also be Brad Burden and I also heard it from Chris Howard. Anyone knows the true source?

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck

Cash funds dreams!

February 22, 2008

Ok, it might surprise you, but money wasn’t that important to me in the past. I earned a nice income, sometimes a bit less than anticipated (being independent has disadvantages as well πŸ˜‰ ) , but always (just) enough.

Since my Power-sabbatical last year, my point of view changed. Why?

I used to believe that I was doing great! Assuming that I earned a “100”, I gave away about a “10”Β to charity . I still had more than enough with my “90”. Now, instead of giving away the “10”, I spend invest it in myself (and others). Why? To learn, grow and increase my income to “200”, so I can give away “100” instead of “10”! I learned that Cash funds dreams! You can give away a lot more if you have a lot…Of course, I am also dreaming of travelling the world and some other stuff. So I’ll be even happier! πŸ˜‰

We all know the “Law of Attraction”, right? If you settle for a “100”, that’s exactly what you are going to get…

So, I have set a new standard for myself and I am keeping myself accountable for reaching it!

What about you? What’s your standard?

How are you going to reach it?

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck

Network Creator