Coach or Couch?

November 11, 2009

I am a very positive person with lots of enthusiasm. Sometimes I still get moved by the negative influence of others. By writing about it, I am sharing these feelings and I can give them a place. Several wise people told me, why don’t you blog about it…

Too many coaches I have met lately are giving me a less than positive or impressive feeling. It seems most of them are into coaching because they want the ride the wave. Of course, I respect everyone and granted that each coach has his own programme or model to work with. So do I. What surprises me mostly is that the majority of the coaches I have met so far are unhappy themselves! So, how do they expect to help others with this negative state of mind?

On top of that, it seems that most of them are more into a therapy kind of business model where they keep the customer (are they really coachees?) coming back on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. They actually stall the process of improvement for their customers. So, the longer it takes to have them make a couple of steps, the more money they get. Is this really in the best interest of the customer? They don’t think about that. Frankly, they don’t care. To me they are more a “couch” than a “coach”. They want people on their couch rather than really help people towards a happy, fulfilling life! This is where I step up and say “NO”!

I became a life coach, because I am passionate about it, not for the money. I help people create the life of their dreams. This excites me so much that it becomes hard not to do it! People who haven’t seen me in a couple of years really see the difference. I am enjoying a happy life and feel really “lucky”. I went through a massive transformation process myself. It has changed my life. By coaching others towards their goals in life and helping them to get clarity on what they really want or the legacy they want to create, I feel energized and satisfied. It brings me a lot of happiness and it shows…

My point is, if you choose a coach, take some time to see who he/she really is. Are they happy? It’s like love. You can only give it to others if you have lots of it yourself… I am also thanking you for your commitment to really change your life. Working with a coach which is indeed a great step forward. And of course, there are lots of great coaches available for you. Even coaches who work with a “couch”-programme. The question is, what type of coach suits you best? And who will actually take you to your dreams? Choose wisely!

Going from ‘to see’ to ‘foresee’!

October 11, 2007

Lately, I am so lucky to go through several amazing experiences! For some people hard to believe, for me an (almost) every day experience! Just (dare to) ask and it is given…

During the creation of my new vision in life I came across several keywords, issues, plans, intentions, feelings and dreams. I destilled a list of “things” I really like to do and others I really dislike. The latter was thrown away, in order to focus completely on my positive list. I only want to do what I love to do, living with passion and enjoying every day!

Visualising is a very important practice. I defined my concept of 2C (to see), creating and connecting. This way I can maximize my non-stop creative mind and help people in a practical way solving their issues. I concluded that selling myself as a creative consultant is an excellent way to act upon this fun activity of creating ideas, new products/services, new applications, new markets, …

I also like to talk to people, listen to their story, build relationships and truely help people. Everyone is always looking for something or someone in particular, right? By connecting people, I am actively helping people solving their issues or challenges. This activity resulted in becoming a professional networker. For some of my friends it was obvious, because to them I am a natural networker. Some even suggested it to me as the perfect road (thanks Martijn & Bert B.) !

These 2Cs, create and connect, started to become part of my vision, “to see” my perfect future!

During my power-sabbatical, earlier this year, it became clear that these 2Cs are part of a higher element : contribute. I want to contribute to a better world. I want to help the people that are living in less fortunate circumstances. My dream is to start up my own charity foundation.

I also want to contribute to the lifes of the people around me, both private and professionally. This brings me to my fourth C : coaching.

My four Cs (4C) allow me to help others to visualise their perfect future. I inspire people. By creating, connecting, contributing and coaching, I help them “to foresee” and realise their dreams!

How may I help you?

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck