Vandaag start 100km!

August 8, 2008

Vandaag starten Tonia en ik aan onze uitdaging om 100km in 24u te wandelen. We nemen deel aan de Dodentocht in Bornem. Tegelijkertijd zamelen we geld in voor het goede doel : Go Bananas! Sponsoren kan nog steeds hier!

Weersverwachting is redelijk veel regen, maar morgen beter, afwisselend bewolkt en zon, locale buien…We zien wel!

We zijn goed voorbereid. Ons team staat klaar om ons te ondersteunen, maar tegelijkertijd ook Bananenbier, Go Bananas pennen, Banana Guards en het boek van Kevin “Banana Man” Allen te verkopen aan supporters en voorbijgangers. Online bestellen kan uiteraard ook!

Volg ons online via de website van de Dodentocht. Bert is nummer 4379 en Tonia is nummer 4378.Je kan ook bellen naar het nummer 03 889 35 45. Liefhebbers van SMS kunnen zich inschrijven door een bericht te sturen naar 3507 met de boodschap NL4379 om Bert te volgen of NL4378 voor Tonia.

We gaan ervoor…see you at the finish 🙂

Let’s Go Bananas,

Bert & Tonia

Go Bananas!

July 19, 2008

Today I updated the Go Bananas website. Our contribution to a wonderful initiative by Kevin “Banana Man” Allen. He’s an extraordinary man who was touched by a documentary about AIDS orphans in Zululand, South Africa. He took all his savings, bought a ticket and just went there.

He bought all the fruits from local merchants and started to feed the children, who nicknamed him the Banana Man. Once back in the UK he took on a second job to continue his contribution to save as much children he could. He started a charity and I felt like stepping up and give Kevin a hand with his big yellow mission 🙂

Lets Go Bananas and save a life!

Let's Go Bananas and save a life!

So, Tonia and I will participate at the Dodentocht (“March of Death”) on the 8th-9th of August in order to raise money for Banana Appeal, Kevin’s charity. Many people think we are nuts taking on a challenge of walking 100km in 24 hours, so that’s why we created a special website called Go Bananas! Let’s go bananas and save a life!

Our goal with Go Bananas is to raise money for 100,000 meals! Impressive, but if you know that Banana Appeal needs a mere 0.07 Euro to feed a child for 1 day, what’s keeping YOU from stepping up as well? Donate money today to this charity and also buy Kevin’s book, a unique Go Bananas ballpoint pen, a Banana Guard or taste our Award winning, genuine Banana Beer!

With just € 0,07 Banana Appeal can

1. Feed a hungry child fresh fruit for a day at school.
2. Help them gain an important education, as they attend school to receive the food.
3. This provides the children with a more stable environment at school.
4. Being fed regularly brings the children away from begging or prostitution.
5. This helps stop the children from contracting AIDS from infected adults.
6. This has a positive impact on the children’s mental and physical health.
7. Combined this gives the children hope of a better future.
8. It also provides many of the parents dying of AIDS a little comfort that their children won’t be left alone to fall into a cycle of poverty and abuse – but be fed, educated and looked after, once they have passed away.
9. The project also provides much needed trade to the local fruit sellers.
10. All whilst uplifting the spirits of an entire community.

Check out the website and start contributing NOW! For as little as 0.07 Euro (also £ and $ will work just fine!) you can help one child for at least 1 day. So, start giving and contribute to a really great cause…

Thanks for helping out the forgotten children in Zululand! For them it really makes a big difference…

Thanks for your support,

Bert Verdonck
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Voorbereiding 100km

July 13, 2008

Vandaag stappen we 45km ter voorbereiding van de Dodentocht. Deze keer zullen we in Merksem, bij Antwerpen trainen. De weersvoorspelling is niet super. Hopelijk blijft het toch redelijk droog…

Zoals je weet, doen we mee om het GoBananas-project te steunen. Kevin Allen, alias de Banana Man, heeft dringend ondersteuning nodig. Vele AIDS wezen in Zululand, Zuid-Afrika zitten zonder opvang en sterven uitgehongerd. Lees er hier meer over…

Help ons om de Banana Man te steunen, zodat hij de vergeten kinderen van Zuid-Afrika kan helpen!

Ik heb gisteren ook een speciale Banana Deals-pagina gecreëerd. Verschillende sponsors doen extra moeite om ons te steunen. Geniet vandaag nog van hun uitzonderlijke kortingen!

Let’s Go Bananas,

Bert Verdonck
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