Education at home?

July 24, 2007

Several people are talking about educating their children at home. Be it from a religious point of view or from the fact that parents can do better than the school system (or other reasons?), some parents are considering (or doing it!) to teach their children at home and not at school.


Education of children has become a complex challenge. Several children are “too” smart for their age. Others are more advanced in some subjects and “normal” at others. Teachers have to divide their attention to so many children, often resulting that the smartest become lazy, bored or rebellious and the “slower” children are not capable of catching up with the rest…

Anyway, would you consider to educate your children at home? Why (not)?

Looking forward to your replies,


A life without limbs

July 20, 2007

This morning I read an article on ‘Survival of the Fittest’ on Ecademy. In this article a link was made to Nick Vujicic. Take a good look at this man, who overcame a lot of challenges we never had to face!


Click on the video to see for yourself…

If you’d have no limbs, what would you do? What if it would happen today, how would this affect your current life?

Even if you are physically challenged like Nick, you can still bring a message that inspires a lot of people and contribute to the world!

Something to think about…

Of course, you can still contribute to his ministry, if you like!

Have a great day,


Help entrepreneurs around the world!

July 15, 2007

Ever wondered how you could contribute more to the world? How can you help fellow entrenpreneurs around the world? What if they are living in poverty and don’t have enough money to buy that important product for their business? What if you could really make a difference?

Well, the answer is KIVA. Kiva is a non-profit organisation and lets you lend to a specific entrepreneur in the developing world, empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty. Probably you’ve heard about microcredits? Well, through Kiva you can support entrepreneur with microcredits! You can start with as little as 25$ (or 25€)…and you receive reports with updates from the business you’ve sponsored. As loans are being repaid, you get your loan money back. Of course, you can withdraw or better yet lend it again to another entrepreneur and help some more…

So, now you know what to do next…

Have an outstanding week,


Flexitarian… a what?

July 11, 2007

Yes, most of my friends already know, I became a flexitarian!

According to Wikipedia, flexitarianism is the practice of eating mainly vegetarian food, but making occasional exceptions for social, pragmatic, or nutritional reasons. They will eat meat and other animal products sometimes. For example, a flexitarian might make only vegetarian dishes at home, but eat dishes including meat at the home of family or friends.

So, now you know!

What about you? What kind of “eater” are you?

An omnivore, a carnivore, a pescetarian, a pollotarian, a fruitarian, a vegetarian, a freegan or vegan ? Or even something else?


Let me know!

So, you still want to know why ? I feel so much better when I don’t eat meat, especially pork meat. It drains a lot of my energy. At first I was very sceptic! In fact, I did not believe it, until I saw the effects when Tonia stopped eating pork meat. Wow! I had to try that myself too 😉 Oh, yes, what a difference! This was like 5 years ago…

I was cutting back meat more and more, but the step of becoming a full vegetarian is still a big one. Although I am fond of vegetarian food, I sometimes still like a piece of steak on the BBQ or on special occasions I eat meat. Also at our family and friends sometimes.  

All feedback welcome 😉

Enjoy every day,


10 topconsultants inspireren u …

July 9, 2007

Hoe de laatse 4 maanden van het business jaar sterk inzetten én afronden? 

Doel van het evenement is ondernemers, leidinggevenden en managers te inspireren om weer helemaal “in shape” aan het najaar te beginnen.  

10 bekende Vlaamse sprekers bundelen éénmalig hun krachten op dit unieke evenement en tonen bedrijfsleiders nieuwigheden op verschillende domeinen. Onderwerpen die bijvoorbeeld aan bod komen zijn: hoe beter met je tijd omgaan, hoe de commerciële én financiële slagkracht van je onderneming verbeteren, hoe de doelen van je organisatie beter bepalen. Netwerken krijgt een centrale plaats zowel in de sessies als doorheen de dag via de Accelerated Networking aanpak.

Extra speciaal op deze dag is de lancering van de CD “Let’s Connect op een evenement, 30 direct bruikbare netwerk tips om van elk evenement een succes te maken” van Jan Vermeiren, de Networking Coach.

Het evenement gaat door op 23 augustus, Kasteel Den Brandt, Antwerpen. Op vind je meer informatie over het evenement. Iedereen die voor 15 juli inschrijft, geniet van 100€ vroegboekkorting!

10 topconsultants inspireren u …


Lees hier het volledige persbericht.

Uiteraard behoor ik tot de 10 consultants 😉

Ik heb het over structureel netwerken voor organisaties, uitbesteden van netwerking, tijd besparen in de salescyclus, etc.

Ik zie jullie op 23 augustus!


Every man takes…

July 9, 2007

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.

 – Arthur Shopenhauer –

But a few do not…Join us!


Extra sensitive…

July 4, 2007

Being in nature for a long time (relatively) sharpens your senses. It happened to me on the Camino. After a couple of weeks, I smelled better (not only the stinking pilgrims like myself 🙂 ), certainly the vast amount of flowers along the road, the beautiful eucalyptus trees, etc.

My taste changed as well! I tasted more variety in the wines (great Rioja!), the food (even simple bread) and the meals I had.

I felt like I heard better too. At night I could hear the snorers make a lot of noise 🙂 Anyway, I had earplugs and did not hear them until I took them out again… but I could hear the birds (and other animals) sing, approaching cars from far away, …

I also met a Korean woman Sun Ay (like sunday without the ‘d’), who lost her glasses somewhere along the Camino. She probably left it at an albergue, but I am not sure anymore. So, I met her in Pomferrada, where she stood next to me at one of the traffic lights. She asked me kindly if she could join me on my trip that particular day. She explained to me that she had lost her glasses and only could see like 1 m away. So, it’s impossible for her to see the markings of the Camino (yellow arrows or shells)! Only by walking together she could make it to the next town or wherever she wanted to stay.

We took a nice scenic route, but unfortunately, she could not see it very well! It took me some time to get that… Imagine the beautiful nature sceneries I am enjoying, and telling her about it, but she did not see at all! Of course, we laughed a lot and had a great time together, discovering our cultural differences, food preferences and discussing our music/movie top 20.

Why couldn’t she get another pair of glasses? Well, first of all, only big towns and cities have opticians/optical stores. Apparently it takes at least 1 extra day to get the glasses ready and she had planned the rest of the trip completely. Even afterwards, her tickets for Barcelona, Paries, etc. were already booked. So, she couldn’t afford ‘loosing’ a day, otherwhise she would have to take the bus (not done by true hikers!), obviously no option either. On top of that, it might be a great lesson for her to go on without seeing clearly where she was goinglike many of us are doing in real life!

Almost a week later, I met her again and I could not believe my eyes… she could see for almost 3 meters by now (her eyes adapted?), still not enough to walk alone, but she could at least recognize the faces of people she met, find the toilets, get out of a building, etc.

Imagine how your life would look like, if you could only see 1 meter away? All the rest is just blurry… Wow, what an impact that would have on your life, right? Something to think about…

Sometimes we appreciate things the most, only when they are gone! I can truly say that I am very thankful that all my senses are working properly!

Enjoy every day,


People everywhere confuse …

July 3, 2007

People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.

– A. J. Liebling –
I couldn’t agree more! How many people are actually (mis)taking something “because it was in the newspaper” (or on television, radio, …) ? What about you ? Do you (always) believe what’s in the news(paper) ?

What about news selection ?