iTunes in other countries?

February 4, 2013

How do I get access to an app that is not yet available in our country? It always takes ages before an app is offered in our region, is there a workaround? How do you get all the latest (free) apps?
This blog will provide an answer to these frequently asked questions.

Sometimes certain apps are not available in certain territories. Your iTunes account is setup in 1 country, normally the one you live in.  For paid apps, it might be challenging to set it up in different countries, because you need a local bankcard or credit card. What a lot of people don’t know, is that you can easily setup an account, even without payment options. Really cool if you are interested in free apps (for now)! 😉

How to set it up in 10 steps?

  1. Open iTunes and go to the App Store.iTunes-UK-flag
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the flag (right hand corner).
  3. Select the country you want (e.g. USA) by clicking on the right flag.usa-iTunes
  4. You are now in the right iTunes Store. If you were signed in, you will notice you automatically are logged out.
  5. Now search for the App you are looking for (e.g. CardMunch).
  6. Click on the “Free” button to download it. A popup box appears and asks for your Apple ID.  Choose the “Create Apple ID” button.
  7. Click “Continue” and Accept the Terms & Conditions by clicking the “Agree” button.
  8. Provide the Apple ID details in the form.
  9. Provide a Payment Method, choose “None” and fill in an address. How do you find an address? I rent one using Of course, you can also Google one, but that might not be the best way forward.
  10. Wait for the confirmation email to arrive, confirm it and download your app straightaway!

Now you can enjoy a truckload of apps from this extra iTunes Store in the country of your choice. It goes without saying that this is probably the easiest way, but limited to free apps.  Start with the free ones, I might share the next steps later for paid apps.

Enjoy Every Day,
Bert Verdonck

Written in the scars

February 2, 2013

In life, we all make mistakes. We misread, misunderstand or underestimate texts, people and situations. Most of us keep making the same mistakes. I have had my share as well. They have created a number of scars, both mentally, emotionally and physically. I even created a personal quote for it:

“My life is written in the scars” 
– Bert Verdonck –

Some are visible; others are mere shadows of what truly happened. Each one has its own personal story. Some fresh as the day they happened, some faded by time or the lack of attention. Some are told with pride and reiterate the pain that makes us aware once more of the origin of that particular scar. Others are painstakingly avoided and only muttered under protest to admit our stupidity, stubbornness or sloppiness.

Some scars have changed my life. Like the one on my back did. When I was in my teens, an oval mole (melanocytic nevus) on my back began to grow. Luckily, it was noticed in time. The dermatologist was pleased that we came in time too because the mole was digging (like moles do ;-)) and growing inside me, not only on the outside. The longer we waited, the deeper it went. When they took it out, it was already more than 6 cm deep. Unfortunately, it was right between my shoulder blades, which is a place that is devilishly difficult to keep still.

I find it terribly hard to sit still 😉 So, it was a challenge to do so…for more than 6 months. Long story short, skin transplantation was needed to cover up the “hole” so it could heal from both sides (up and down).

Now, why do I tell you this? Well, this surgery not only kept me from doing sports for a full year, it also made sure I always protected myself from the sun. That part of my skin used to be unusually sensitive to the sun, so I put super protection on it, but also on the rest of my body. Not pleasant at the time, but I look at it now, especially at how it has created awareness about skin cancer in me. At a young age, I became aware and adapted my behaviour because of this. I do admit, not what I wanted at the time, but so valuable in retrospect. Not just for me, also for those around me! What else did it teach me? That a lot of people instantly draw their own conclusions. Even before they have  asked me about it, they assume the worst…

It has happened to me on numerous occasions that people would not dare to ask at first, but only after a while and for some, only when they have gained enough courage (by consuming alcohol or by other question-provoking means 😉 ):

“Have you been shot (in the back)?”

Depending on who they are, where we are and what the atmosphere is like, I would engage in a cliffhanging story of how I was shot. At some point, of course, I would tell them the truth. However, I never thought of the skin cancer awareness before. Now I do, and therefor, I wrote this article. Enough people have lost the battle against (skin) cancer. Next time anyone asks, I will tell the full story about the awareness. So thank you, dear scar, for teaching me a lesson (or two).

What are the stories behind your scars? Are you too scar(r)ed to share? I am curious what you have learned from them.

Enjoy Every Day,
Bert Verdonck


January 1, 2013

“Growth” is the word of 2013 for me. Every year I choose one. Last year’s was “Pure”. No, not just the chocolate 😉
I was also looking at connecting with pure people. Also finding ways of purifying our environment. Examples are buying a new lower emission car, a high-performance, low- energy consuming boiler, filtering our drinking water and numerous small steps in further reducing our impact or footprint here on earth.

“Pure” brought me to more transparency, open minded and inspirational talks with partners, customers and on a personal level, a higher detoxication and fitness level of my body. I also got ill for the first time in a long time, also allowing me to cleanse even more.

As you probably know, I also participated in a medical research programme (where I had to eat pure chocolate on a daily basis!) about the influence of flavonoids in pure chocolate on our health. Of course, I will never know if I were in the actual test group or the control group, but it had a positive effect on my conscience about health. If you don’t feel well, you can’t live or play full out!

On the business side, I started a new company, Really LinkedIn, in the UK with Mike Clark, also a pure person. We purely focus on helping clients with our “Really LinkedIn” products and services. We want them to be successful with finding new customers, partners, employees or whatever kind of people they are looking for. Pure results! A really symbolic way of wrapping up 2012 for me was working for one of our customers: Pure, fundraisers with integrity. By the way, they have created 500K of new business in a couple of weeks, thanks to our LinkedIn course. Yes, their official testimonial is on its way 😉

Did you know I was a speaker at a TEDx event? Check out my 9-minute session at TEDxGhent, purely about lifehacking:

Let’s look ahead at 2013 now! “Growth” is the word that appeals to me, both on a personal and on a professional level. The first level for me is about growing more by learning more, talking to inspirational speakers (yes, I have made another top 10 list, remember this one?), growing my network, reading at least 1 book a month and investing in a least 5 courses for personal growth. Remember Jim Rohn’s quote: “You become the average of the five people you spend most time with.”
So choose wisely 😉

Another important element is growing my contribution again. I feel like last year was lower than average on giving back to community and contributing to charities. Time for action! I want to pick up the pace by creating a team of great go-givers to setup a foundation to systematically starting to contribute to other charities. Raising awareness, creating pure happiness and giving people a chance that otherwise would not happen; in short making a true difference is our focus.

On the business level I want to grow our business, not only in the Benelux and the UK, but also more internationally. I am happy to serve our first global clients. On top of that, we are expanding our team and portfolio of services as well.

So, what is your keyword for 2013? Did you choose one yet?
Let’s hear it!

Wishing you all the best!

To your success,


PS: Yes, this year I commit to writing more blogs too! So stay tuned 😉

10 Important PSAUK Convention Takeaways

October 9, 2012

After participating in PSA/NSA/GSS conventions in other countries (e.g. the Netherlands and the USA) before, I thought it might be a good idea to sign up for the PSAUK convention in London.

So, I went there last weekend and met with “the biggest collection of like minded of missfits” (as @SeanWeafer call us, and he’s right ;-)), who happen to be members of the same club, the PSA UK and could not be easily put into a certain box.

Here are 10 of my takeaways from this amazing event:

  1. Become a member of a MasterMind group. Bring like minded people together. Build great relationships and close friendships, allow to grow together, both professionally and personally.
  2. Humour sells! I am going to incorporate more humour in my talks and training sessions.
  3. You can not replace time. Of course, I knew this already, but it was great to be reminded of it again. It got me focused again on what’s really important.
  4. “I am a professional speaker, not a public speaker.” Makes a subtle difference at first, but it is a big differentiator!
  5.  “I save the world from mediocre presentations”. By constantly investing in new techniques, reprogramming myself, I stay ahead of the curve. By sharing my Genius Shortcuts for Speakers, I actively contribute to make them better speakers too!
  6. The crisis never ends, it’s a permanent crisis! If it’s not the economy, then it is the wars, the elections, a merger, etc. There is always some crisis going on. Keep that in mind! A couple of one liners: “If you wait, it will be too late!” and “If you snooze, you loose!”
  7. It’s about R.O.E. or Return on Engagement. How to make your Social Media measurable? A lot of people have no idea what the impact of Social Media is. Luckily, we have developed one for LinkedIn (Ask me ;-)) already!
  8. How do you make dolphins jump? Fish! It’s all about the fish…which dolphin gets which fish? Different for every dolphin. So, what kind of fish do your customers want? Do you really know? How do you find out?
  9. One word will destroy all the empathy: BUT. If you use this word all the Know, Like & Trust you have built up so far, is completely lost again. “Yes, your presentation was really fantastic, BUT…” Remember that most people will not remember what was actually said before the “BUT”.
  10. We are messengers of change! Standing on the platform is not a privilege, we earned it along our way. We did something right, otherwise we would not be standing here on stage! We do have something to say. And what we say will bring change…

These 10 takeaways are just one of the many things that were worthwhile visiting the PSAUK convention. I have met a number of great people, great speakers and new friends. And it is always fantastic to be surrounded by like minded people. They understand what it is that we do, what experiences we have, our pitfalls and our successes. I truly recommend it to any (aspiring) speaker!

“I’ll be back!”  😉
What did you learn? Or what is the first thing you want to apply? Let’s hear it!

PS: Also check out the wonderful tweets from the @psauk convention:  &  #psauk Thanks @TheTweepleQueen

Draw on top of your laptop with DrawTop

May 3, 2012

What happens if your computer battery dies on you? Do you still carry a pen and paper? What if you could write on your laptop? No, really, write on it, like on a whiteboard!

To be honest, I am using a Genius Shortcut called TheDrawTop on mine. It is like having a mini-whiteboard on your laptop computer (iPad, iPhone, etc. too!), where you can make notes. But is that the only thing?

Of course not!

So, how do I use it (properly)? Here are 5 ways to make the best of TheDrawTop:

1. When your battery runs out of power, but you still want to take notes. Start writing on your personal whiteboard.
2. When you want to mindmap or draw something quickly (and you don’t want to wait for the right app(lication) to load. Just write on top of your device.
3. When participating in a meeting, write your name on it, so people know who you are. At conferences I also write my Twitterhandle (@BertVerdonck) on it.
4. When you are giving a presentation, welcome all participants and invite them to ask questions. I also draw our customers’ logo on it, but granted not everyone does that. You could also draw a graph on it if there is not a flipover or other whiteboard available.
5. When you want to focus and isolate yourself, you can write a message or sign to let people know you don’t want to be disturbed (and scaring people away might be too much 😉 )

Now, I hear you say: All nice and well, but how am I going to keep what I’ve written down? Aha! Here are 3 easy steps to take it to the next level:

1. You take out your smartphone and you take a (clear) picture of your drawing, mindmap or whatever you wrote.
2. You wipe your whiteboard clean and can start all over again 😉
3. You synchronize your smartphone with your laptop later on (when you have power again). This way you have digitized your notes and drawings!

I admit, for the advanced lifehackers, there are a couple of next steps too:
1. Upload it to Evernote
2. OCR your drawing
3. Download it again as text or in whatever format you want it!

By the way, if you want to go cheap (TheDrawTop starts at 12 $) and do it yourself, you can also buy the adhesive whiteboard material at your office supplier. Of course, you still need to cut it at the exact dimensions of your laptop. As you know, I always choose the easy way. TheDrawTop asks you for the type of your laptop (or other device) and delivers it made to order for your computer. That’s the way I like it!

Tip: As an extra TheDrawTop also includes a set of 4 markers and a microfiber eraser cloth.

Enjoy drawing on your laptop,


How to REALLY use LinkedIn

December 4, 2011

LinkedIn is the largest professional (online) network in the world. The majority has 3 questions: “What’s in it for me?”, “I have a profile, now what?” and “How to get more results without spending a lot of time?”

Probably the best way to answer these questions is the book How to REALLY use LinkedIn“! Together with Jan Vermeiren, I wrote the second edition of this international bestseller.

"How to REALLY use LinkedIn" International BestsellerWith this book you will learn:

• 10 powerful ways to find new customers, employees or a new job
• 42 tips to make your profile stand out
• 11 strategies to apply LinkedIn at an organizational level
• 31 answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)
• 30 lesser-known functions and opportunities
• Plus 53 new pages, including extra tips and timesaving tools

Discover also the free “Video & Tools Library”! It has a vast collection of how-to-videos and extra tools, including several Genius Shortcuts.

“How to REALLY use LinkedIn” is available in English, Dutch, French and Spanish. For more info check out

What most people don’t know (yet), is that Jan and I decided to

give away

1 million books

for FREE!


To actively stimulate the economy! Too many people are looking for new customers, new employees or a new job. They are hardly using LinkedIn, because they don’t know the platform well enough!

At the same time, we are raising 1 million dollar for charity! Check out our website for more info. And remember to download the book for FREE as well! (English and Dutch versions!)

To your success!

How to import your Mac Address Book contacts in Hotmail?

September 23, 2011

“How can I import my Mac Address Book in It seems they don’t sync.”

I have received this question a couple of times. That’s why I decided to share the 4 simple steps on how to do it (in true lifehacking-style ;-)).

If you are using the Mac Address Book and Hotmail, you may want to be able to share your contacts between both services.
Unfortunately, a direct or true sync of your Mac Address Book with your Windows Live Hotmail Contacts is currently not possible.

What can you do? A one-time synchronization.

How? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Export your contacts to vcards: File > Export > Export vCard…
  2. Import in Gmail: Contacts > Import Contacts
    Tip: when importing in Gmail, you should check the box “Also add these imported contacts to New group…” and name it (e.g. Mac Contacts).
  3. Export in Gmail to Outlook CSV: Contact > More > Export > Outlook CSV format
  4. Import in Hotmail: Manage > Import
    Tip: make sure the option for Microsoft Outlook (using CSV) option selected

Congratulations and enjoy your Mac Address Book contacts in your Hotmail!

PS : if you are using Hotmail and don’t have a Gmail account (yet), create one first! It’s easy and free as well…

Waking Up

August 31, 2011

The feeling of “waking up” is probably one of the most under-appreciated moments in our lives. Why? Because in those moments of waking up, you feel most likely still (a bit) sleepy and you have trouble opening your eyes. It’s like we are a child again and just find out that another day has begun. Sometimes this innocence is shattered by an unexpected move, like falling out of your bed or your partner loudly getting up next to you. That’s not what I am talking about! 😉

This morning I had a special “waking up” process. I am sailing on a 51 feet sailing yacht in Greece and we anchored the harbor of Symi. I slept outside, like I often do on these trips. I also have my earplugs and my eyeshades on (those you get on long distance flights) ). So, imagine sleeping like a baby on deck. Suddenly, I feel a warm energy touching my body, almost caressing and slowly making me aware of what’s happening (no,it’s not what you think it is 😉 ). Since I don’t hear and don’t see yet, I have no clue of what’s happening. It is the sunbeams! What a feeling…like magic!

So, I am really happy for receiving this gift. It made me realize that waking up is in most cases a process that passes us by. We are probably unaware of it. Looking back to it, I am still sitting here with a big smile on my face. Also, thinking that I should pay more attention to the waking up ritual. Why? Well, if you can get a fresh start with a potion of happiness, then the rest of your day probably will unfold itself like this as well. Just be aware of those first couple of minutes while waking up and you know exactly what I am talking about!

Now, what does all of this has to do with you? Do you have a clear view on where you want to go in life? Do you actually have a plan to achieve your life goals? Or are you still dreaming about your legacy? And I hope you do have dreams! Now, the question is have you waken up yet? Do you feel the sunbeams? Do you have this wonderful feeling that another day has arrived? And you can build the next step towards your dreams?

Just let this feeling sink into you. Be aware of this special moment and enjoy your day!

I know I will 🙂

Crossing Streets

August 13, 2011

As a young boy I was told to look out for traffic before crossing the street. Some obvious rules where learned (e.g. look left & right). It worked pretty well for me (I was never run over :-)). Now, so many years later, when visiting Vietnam, this all changes! The first piece of advice we got upon arriving was : “Do you know how to cross the street?”

What? Do you think I am stupid? Where do you think I am coming from? I’ve been crossing streets all my life! But that was not what the question intended. If you look at the streets here in Hanoi for example. And let me show you just a couple of seconds of how crossing a street works here with this little clip (can you find the pedestrians?):

Did you notice the cop crossing too?

Now, here are 5 simple rules to cross the streets in Hanoi (or in some other big Asian cities):

1. Always Look Left & Right: preferably multiple times. You must be alert and aware of the traffic around you. They not always follow the same rules as in our western world. Although it looks pretty obvious, it is a must, for your own safety. Even if it’s a one-way street!

2. Go Slow: this way the traffic around you can guestimate what your next moves are and how to avoid you.

3. Don’t Run: if you run, you become unpredictable and you increase the chances of getting hit.

4. Don’ Stop: if you stop, you become an obstacle. As long as you keep on moving the traffic flows around you.

5. Don’t Go Back: it’s very bad to go back. If you panic, keep on going slowly. Going back is NOT done.

I would like to add my own tip:

6. Follow a local who’s crossing the street. Walk his walk. Copy what they are doing and you should be safe. Of course, choose wisely! 😉

PS: If you want more (severe) traffic shots : Traffic Hanoi, Crossing Hanoi and Crazy Traffic.

20 years in love

July 30, 2011

Can you believe it? I am in love for more than 20 years! Tonia and I are officially together for 20 years!

I know that very few people meet their soulmate or even a significant other during their lifetime. I guess I am just lucky (although I don’t believe in luck) 😉

Many people often ask us what the secrets are of our long-lasting relationship?

It is rather difficult to come up with an exhaustive list that will make any relationship work. Remember that we are not experts in this matter, we are only experienced 🙂

But if I have to come up with some elements, then here they are:

  • Acceptance : accept who you are and especially who the other person is. Accept his/her beauty and his/her “faults”. Don’t try to fix him/her!
  • Trust : if there is no trust, there is no relationship! Give each other enough freedom too. It’s OK to do things apart from each other.
  • Openness : be open-minded and listen to what the other person is telling you. No kidding, really listen. You can always answer (or judge) later on.
  • Being there : if you are not there, you miss the most beautiful moments together. You might grow apart!
  • Grow together : inspire each other to grow. Create space to develop yourself and the other person too. Learn from each other.
  • Honesty : be honest to each other and talk, communicate as much as possible. And please listen! Didn’t I tell you that already 😉
  • Magic : create some magic in your relationship. Keep the romance going. We have one evening during the week that we call “date night”.  We take turns to discover new places together, doing something new, eating out, walking or just talking. Where is the magic in your relationship?
  • Fun : create time to do fun things together! Tonia is my best friend. We laugh a lot, no we are laughing every day! If you can’t have fun together, why are you still together?

Like I said, these are only some points that are making a difference to our lives. And we are glad to share them with you!

Enjoy and have a great life (together)!

Bert & Tonia

P.S.: It might also help to say : I ♥ YOU  to each other (regularly)!