Cherish Charts

Charts are a significant part of reports, studies and documents in general, but do you find it complicated to create or generate the right chart for you? It takes far too much of your precious time to come up with the right chart, right? Or are you also frustrated that the size doesn’t match or the colors are not perferct or maybe the tags too little or too big? And you really want to cherish the charts, because they visualize your opinion or findings better than words?

chartle-logoChartle.netRight, there is a need for simplicity, also in charts. That’s where comes in. They developed a simple, straight forward interface for any kind of chart like bar, pie, plots, diagrams, gauge, maps…

Here is an example that took me less that 2 minutes to create:

My Daily Activities


2 Responses to Cherish Charts

  1. Aly says:

    wow that is really interesting, I’ve never seen time worked out like that before, I’m going to check out my chart. thanks for sharing. best wishes Aly

  2. […] a great chart After Cherish Charts, I received several questions from people on how to choose the right chart for their presentation. […]

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