Worst-case scenario…

September 17, 2008

Imagine going on holiday to a tropical island like Bali, the Maldives or Tahiti – and suppose your suitcase doesn’t arrive. At Lost & Found you have a hard time describing your belongings and you also have to prove you are the rightful owner. And to make things worse, also your wallet, including your passport have been stolen too. How do you identify yourself? You might need to reach the right people at your embassy, explain what happened and somehow find a way to prove your identity. On top of that it is costing you hours, if not days of frustration…

Here’s where a lifehacking technique could save you. If like most people you own a digital camera, you can take pictures of your suitcase and its contents before leaving home. Photograph your passport, flight tickets, credit cards, driving license and other documents too. Email all these pictures to your email address, which you can access anywhere through the internet (any webmail will do). If you go to an Internet Café, download your photos and print them. You’ll have everything you need to prove who you are, what your luggage looks like and what’s in it, plus a copy of tickets, etc.

Easy and simple, right? 🙂

Now, you could continue to use your camera as a useful tool by taking pictures of the hotel you’ve just checked into, the hourly schedule of the busses outside the hotel, the street signs (especially if you can’t read the signs (e.g. China, Thailand, Greece, …)), etc. In case of a problem, you can show the picture of the street sign and the locals can guide you easily back to your hotel.

Enjoy your trip,

Bert Verdonck