Attitude at Work

April 6, 2010

Nothing halts progress like someone who is discontent simply for the sake of being discontent. It’s demoralizing to others, and it draws energy, resources and time from the tasks being executed. I used to have a big issue with people like that. And I still do. I understand some people are choosing security over anything else in their job, but with this attitude we are going nowhere!

I love it when people are enthusiastic about the task at hand. It’s inspiring and it will get done much faster and more efficiently. And of course, I know that it is never easy for people who are discontent. The thing is, when they are discontent about something, we can talk about it, we can get to the core or the reason of this attitude. I love to have discussions on that, because it builds a common trust and understanding.

Where I do have an issue with are people who are discontent for the sake of it. When you start a discussion with them, nothing is good. “We’ll never get it done” or “It won’t work” are quotes they are frequently using. On top of that, they don’t have any interest in what they do each day or what the team is trying to achieve. They will never change and they are proud of it. Any reasonable discussion is waived or avoided. They never smile, in the best case they are indifferent. In most cases they are demoralizing the other members of your team.

My advice : Get them out! Move them off the team or they will destroy your team. Why would you cope with them if they are only there to get the money at the end of the month? Why invest time in them if they are not willing to do anything with a good attitude? It might seem harsh, but I think it is the only way to make your team more successful. Remove the “bad” apple from the basket…

What’s the alternative? Let them sit there and let them destroy your team? I don’t think so! Rather get them out. Move on with your team and get things done…

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