The Other 97 Percent

May 18, 2009

It’s official now! “The Other 97 Percent” is the approved title of my newest book. Together with Mr. Search, aka Nathaniel Stott, I am writing this book about how to search and find stuff on the Internet. As I am talking about this exciting book, more and more people confess that they are only using Google to search for stuff on the Internet.

As soon as I tell them that Google only accounts for about 3% of the Internet, they go in “shock”. I also reassure them that I truly understand. Moreover, most people never got a formal training or education on how to find stuff on the Internet. Nobody ever told them how easy it is to find stuff. Anywhere. And where all the goodies and secrets are kept 🙂

We are still creating the sub-title and I’ll be updating you soon…

In the meantime, let us know your first feedback on the title, ok?

The Other 97 Percent

Do you like it? Does it arouse your curiosity? Does it appeal to you? Why?


Nathaniel Stott

May 11, 2009

Nathaniel Stott is an excellent Internet profiler, professional analist and brilliant SEO expert. In the process of coaching him it became clear that one of his next steps is to become a leading expert. By building his personal brand he will achieve his dreams and create a lasting legacy. I welcome you to the new Nathaniel or Nathaniel Stott 2.0 in geek terms 🙂Nathaniel Stott

You already know I am in the process of writing my next book on Searching and Finding stuff on the Internet. Why do I mention this here? Because, I have an important announcement to make! Nathaniel Stott is the co-author of this book. At this point in time we have already agreed on the table of contents. And have a surprise lined up for the forward. Now, it’s time to start writing…Less than 3 months to go and counting 🙂

Did I mention that Nathaniel Stott is a British entrepreneur living in Germany with his 3 kids and working in Germany and The Netherlands? This already shows that our book is going to be promoted internationally. As announced, I’ll be touring in New Zealand in September and of course taking our book with me 🙂

What else can I tell you? We already came up with nicknames for each other! Yes, Nathaniel Stott will be Mr. Search, because he’s fantastic in helping people with setting up search strategies, getting the text SEO right, design aspects, analytics, etc.

And me? I am Mr Find. Why? I keep finding stuff on the Internet that a lot of people claim is not there or at least they can’t find it, so they ask me. A couple of years ago I even had a service called “Webdigging”, where I was hired to find stuff. Nowadays, I still can’t believe that so few people are finding what they need. As a lifehacker, I developed several mind blowing “find” strategies on how to find stuff easier and faster on the Internet. There is so much more out there than Google 🙂 Of course, all these strategies will be shared in our book!