F8 saves the day!

June 24, 2008

I will bring you a number of articles regarding the so-called “battle for speed & efficiency” between your mouse and your keyboard. What’s going on? We are all using both, but sometimes one of them is significantly faster than the other to perform the same task. No matter what happens, you win all the time 🙂

Now, most people bet their money on the mouse, while actually, I am betting mine on my keyboard, or any keyboard if you like…

Today I am starting with a first “battle”, selecting text in MS Word (inspired by 100 Lifehacking Tips (Dutch)). We all want to select 1 word or 1 sentence from a Word-document at some point in time. So, most people get confronted with selecting a whole page instead of that particular paragraph or a sentence rather than a single word.

How? Easy! Just press 3 times the F8 key (at the top of your keyboard) to select an entire sentence. That’s all!

This is the secret lifehack: the number of times you press F8:

1 * F8 activates the selection modus.
2 * F8 selects a single word
3 * F8 selects a sentence (from capital to fullstop)
4 * F8 selects a paragraph
5 * F8 selects a selection of the document or the whole document (hit F8 once more!)

Please do try this at home (and at work!). Pretty fast, right?

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck