Give a Day, Get a Night

August 5, 2009

You all know that contribution is one of my top priorities (if you didn’t, look at my logo 🙂 ). Now the lovely people from Sage Hospitality Resources have come up with a brilliant idea: Give a Day, Get a Night.Give a Day, Get a Night

Oh, by the way, Sage is one of the leading hotel management and business development companies with strong partnerships with Marriot, Hilton and Starwood, in case you didn’t know them…

So, what is “Give a Day, Get a Night” all about? When you GIVE 8 hours of community service to a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization (USA), you’ll GET a complimentary night stay or 50% discount on hotel rooms at all 53 Sage hotels across the USA.

At the check-in you simply  show a letter from a registered non-profit organisation that proves you have undertaken 8 hours of voluntary work. This entitles you to 50% off the published price of any night in the hotel or when available a complimentary room.

Personally, I am convinced that this initiative is building a lot of goodwill and positive branding, which is an excellent approach in these challenging times for the hotel business. Andyes, I’d Give a Day if I where in the USA. Probably even a couple…

I wish more (business) people would step up and support charities in such a positive way. So, what would you do? What campaign do you have in mind? Let us know!