1 Month

November 12, 2010

If you had only 1 month to go, what would you do? If you were diagnosed with a lethal disease, how would you react? What is on your bucket list (wish list of things to do before you “kick the bucket“)? Or don’t you have one yet?

I must say, I already lost a number of friends. Everytime it has made a big impression on me! Although I also admit the effect is only temporarily, I reflect on this topic frequently. I created my proper bucket list. By the way, did you see the movie: the Bucket List with Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman? If you would only watch 1 movie for the rest of the year, let it be this one!

Whenever a friend died I tried to contemplate and make something good out of it. Believe me, it is hard to do! But one of the things that emerged everytime is my commitment to ask myself an important question regularly: What would I be doing today if I only had 1 month to live? What if I only had 1 day? Imagine today is the last day of your life? What would you do?

I do not want to sound negative. My goal is to make you think and reflect on your life as well. Too often people die and we are left with a feeling that there was still so much that we needed to say. We postponed it for a later time and now it’s too late! Guilt, remorse and sorrow are emotions that pop up then.

So, let’s get back to what you would do if your last month starts today. What would you do?

Here is my personal Top 10 list, if I had only 30 days to live:

  1. Spend 24/7 with Tonia (my wife)
  2. Have a big family dinner
  3. Throw a party, bbq or dinnerparty with my friends
  4. Visit specific places in India, Australia & New Zealand
  5. Go on diving trip to the Maledives
  6. Sailing cruise around Fiji
  7. Meet Robin Sharma again to thank him for his inspiration
  8. Skydiving
  9. Publish another book (on how to “Create, Connect & Contribute”)
  10. Give a speech for an audience of 10,000 people

Let me know what’s on your list, ok? And by the way, you don’t need to wait for your last 30 days to do the things on your bucket list. I know I won’t!