Shoot and Proof

September 20, 2008

A picture tells more than a thousand words, especially when we talk about damages, insurance cases, expert files, accidents, etc. It would be wise to always have a digital camera at hand or a mobile phone with a built-in camera works just fine too. So, upon arriving at the scene, you can take pictures and use them later on for your case, even if you have to go to court. Unfortunately, those pictures do not have legal value and are not effective against third parties. You can also easily change details and “Photoshop” them to alter the content…

You can solve this very easily with the following lifehack : Shoot & Proof, a system that provides a service to create certified pictures, which are timestamped, georeferenced and send to a secure server. They are archived for 3 years and are only accessible to you. Every picture is authentic, reliable and has legal value.

The possibilities are enormous for:

  • Building and public works professionals
  • Distribution: distributor or advertiser
  • Legal professionals
  • Local authorities
  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • Poster advertising: poster advertising company or advertiser
  • Real estate

Shoot & Proof provides the ideal combination of the digital photos’ speed and the reliability of authentic pictures. When you can proof without any doubt that where, when and by who this picture is taken, there is no more room for disputes about the pictures.

At their website you can try 5 photos for free!

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck