How to REALLY use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional (online) network in the world. The majority has 3 questions: “What’s in it for me?”, “I have a profile, now what?” and “How to get more results without spending a lot of time?”

Probably the best way to answer these questions is the book How to REALLY use LinkedIn“! Together with Jan Vermeiren, I wrote the second edition of this international bestseller.

"How to REALLY use LinkedIn" International BestsellerWith this book you will learn:

• 10 powerful ways to find new customers, employees or a new job
• 42 tips to make your profile stand out
• 11 strategies to apply LinkedIn at an organizational level
• 31 answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)
• 30 lesser-known functions and opportunities
• Plus 53 new pages, including extra tips and timesaving tools

Discover also the free “Video & Tools Library”! It has a vast collection of how-to-videos and extra tools, including several Genius Shortcuts.

“How to REALLY use LinkedIn” is available in English, Dutch, French and Spanish. For more info check out

What most people don’t know (yet), is that Jan and I decided to

give away

1 million books

for FREE!


To actively stimulate the economy! Too many people are looking for new customers, new employees or a new job. They are hardly using LinkedIn, because they don’t know the platform well enough!

At the same time, we are raising 1 million dollar for charity! Check out our website for more info. And remember to download the book for FREE as well! (English and Dutch versions!)

To your success!

2 Responses to How to REALLY use LinkedIn

  1. Beste Bert,

    Vanavond ben ik aanwezig bij de Avond voor FNP Alumni, waar je een presentatie gaat verzorgen. Ik kijk uit naar deze leerzame ervaring. Ik hoop je vanavond persoonlijk even te kunnen bedanken voor het beschikbaar stellen van je expertise.

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Marcel Hofman

  2. Hallo, leuke website. Fijn deze site gevonden te hebben.
    Doe zo verder zou ik zeggen. Krijg je veel bezoekers naar jou blog ?
    Wij hebben zelf ook een leuke website met een webshop
    eraan gekoppeld. We leveren personaliseerbare promotietools
    & decoratieve elementen aan kapsalons, nagelstudio’s en andere beauty zaken.

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