How to import your Mac Address Book contacts in Hotmail?

“How can I import my Mac Address Book in It seems they don’t sync.”

I have received this question a couple of times. That’s why I decided to share the 4 simple steps on how to do it (in true lifehacking-style ;-)).

If you are using the Mac Address Book and Hotmail, you may want to be able to share your contacts between both services.
Unfortunately, a direct or true sync of your Mac Address Book with your Windows Live Hotmail Contacts is currently not possible.

What can you do? A one-time synchronization.

How? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Export your contacts to vcards: File > Export > Export vCard…
  2. Import in Gmail: Contacts > Import Contacts
    Tip: when importing in Gmail, you should check the box “Also add these imported contacts to New group…” and name it (e.g. Mac Contacts).
  3. Export in Gmail to Outlook CSV: Contact > More > Export > Outlook CSV format
  4. Import in Hotmail: Manage > Import
    Tip: make sure the option for Microsoft Outlook (using CSV) option selected

Congratulations and enjoy your Mac Address Book contacts in your Hotmail!

PS : if you are using Hotmail and don’t have a Gmail account (yet), create one first! It’s easy and free as well…

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