Winners never give up!

It is easy to quit! Some say that “Loosers are winners who quit”.

Some people just need a small excuse to give up. Sometimes you come across people who are very close to achieving their goal. Even when the finish line is in sight and looks hardly attainable, they refuse to give up.

In this video, you will see Holland Reynolds, a 16 year-old cross-country runner in California, collapse just a couple of feet away from the finish line at the state cross country championship. She finished the race by crawling past the finish line. Impressive!

She did not win the race, but she won! How? Despite complete exhaustion, Holland Reynolds pushed herself to honor her coach (diagnosed with incurable Lou Gehrig’s disease) and advance her team. She not only completed the race, overcoming her cramps, but thanks to her effort the team won the national championship!


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