Lëkki : back to basics

Some people would agree that todays smartphones are too complicated for some users. Who needs mail, games, MP3 ringtones, social media or a music library on his/her phone anyway? Right, not everyone!

So, a French startup Lëkki offers a range of vintage, revamped mobile phones with a twist. You can opt for a hip mix of green, magenta, yellow and black. They launched with Motorala’s starTAC 130. Remember the 90’s? 🙂

Now, who would buy a revamped retro mobile phone? Apparently there is a market for people who believe they are becoming slaves of technology or those who want to simplify their (mobile) lives!

On top of that Lëkki also incorporates the concept of sustainable development and recycling by prolonging the life expectancy of a mobile phone by repairing all incoming phones and donating to Action Carbone.

Oh, in case you are curious about the functionalities on the starTAC 130 : you can call and send text messages. That’s it! Well, you do get vibration and it weighs less than 100 grams!

Instead of buying the latest in technology (like my iPhone), think about what you can do with the “oldest” one with a revamped look and basic functionalities. Life could be simple (again)!


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