Social Media Update

A couple of times a month I am giving sessions on Social Media in general or specialized sessions on LinkedIn, Twitter… Most people are asking me for additional figures, presentations, YouTube clips, etc. So, I decided to step-up and share with you some interesting materials on Social Media.

Of course, the list of great stuff on Social Media is endless, so I am sharing four with you:

1. Did You Know 4.0 (check out version 3.0 too!)

2. Social networks around the world 2010 (Research by InSites Consulting)

3. Social Media in Plain English (, who else :-))

4. What the F**K is Social Media? One Year Later (check out the original too!)


3 Responses to Social Media Update

  1. Ik wil je een compliment maken voor je blog content en lay out!

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  3. Thanks for sharing this information and for your time writing this article

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