Get more, pay less!

Yes, I know, most people want more. And more. So, how do you get more and pay less? Today, I was in the Warehouse Stationery in Auckland to make copies of my flyer for the Genius Shortcuts tour. So, while I was going through the pricelist, I found out that most people got what most shops want : paying a higher price and not getting the cheaper version.

What am I talking about?

Well, imagine that the price of making 1 photocopy is 20 cents. The first price drop is when you actually make more than 10 copies. This means that you then pay 18 cents. If we continue this pricelist, we see that starting from 25 copies the price drops to 15 cents, from 50 copies it will go down to 12 cents. If you want more than 75 copies your price is 10 cents. More than 100 copies means 8 cents per photocopy.

OK, that’s the easy part. Now, most people will order a round number of copies. In my case it was 100. At first that is, because I quickly got it that actually that’s costing me too much. So, 100 times 10 cents is 10 NZD, right? But what happens if I order 101 copies? I pay 101 * 8 cents! And do you know how much that is? Exactly! That’s 8.08 NZD. I get more and I pay less… How sweet is that?

By the way, if we do a quick calculation, it actually means you can get 125 copies for 8 cents for 10 NZD. So, if you order a 100 or 125 you are paying the same price. That’s a whopping 25% difference! I am not sure what your opinion is on this, but hey, 25% more for the same price or paying less and still get more is a pretty impressive result to me!

So, think twice next time you order something with volume discounts and check again if you really want to order the quantity you originally had in mind. It might save you a lot or you get more and pay less! And yes, I know, this example is about cheap photocopies, but what if you are buying more expensive stuff and the price difference is a couple of dollars per item you want to buy? You can easily calculate what kind of difference it will make to your budget (e.g.  2 NZD/piece * 101), or the way you spend it! And how many shops are using a pricelist with volume discounts? Right! Keep you eyes open 🙂


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