Create a new folder

Every time I am surprised so many people are working with an elaborated folder structure. Yes, I also use them, but in a slimmed down version. I don’t have a structure that is at least 8 or 10 levels deep. How do I find stuff? I use search engines, like Google Desktop.

But, hey, this post is about you, not me! So, I reckon you are holding on to that fancy folder structure of yours, right?

Most people open their Windows explorer and go to menu “File” and then choose “New”. The next step is to opt for the first item on the menu : “Folder”. You then type in the name of the folder. Finally you (double-)click on it and you arrive in that directory. I agree, this takes at least 10 seconds for most people. Imagine you are creating a structure with 10 directories, each with 10 sub-directories. This means you are wasting 10 * 10* 10 seconds = 1.000 seconds. Yes, this is more than 15 minutes just creating folders! And I bet most of you have at least this amount of folders…

Yes, there is a shortcut too. In the battle of keyboard against mouse, here are some keyboard shortcuts to speed up this process : ALT + F, ALT + W, ALT + F, Type name of the folder, Enter, Enter.

mdAxelIf this is still not enough, there’s another shortcut on top of this one. Now we’re talking about another Genius Shortcut 🙂 mdAxel is a little program that you download on your Windows XP computer (no feedback about Vista yet) and install it. Just assign a hotkey (=shortcut) to it (like ALT + F1). Everytime you create a new folder, just use that hotkey. Name the folder and press Enter. The folder is created and you are in it immediately. That’s it! You see, easy does it!

Thanks Chris for pointing this out!


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