Triplet Challenge?

As a creative person, I often come up with new ideas, textbytes and just a lot of fun things. I just realised that triplets play an important role in our life. Take my logo for instance, a great C-triplet: Create, Connect & Contribute. I wrote about these before…although I added a fourth one later on.

Now, I’ve set myself a new challenge :

Create a full alphabet of inspiring triplets!

So, the letter C is covered. What’s next?


“Enlighten, Entertain & Educate”

Enlighten. It might sound logical to everyone I know, but not for me, until today. I was contemplating on yesterday’s event “In Shape for September” (Dutch), when it occured to me that I am really helping people by enlightening them. I show people the light! They are often lost … in the dark, some even unaware of where they are. So, I’ll shine my light and help them to come into the light again, so they really get it. You see, that’s one of my key drivers, the joy I get from people “getting it” and from inspiring them, so they become enlightened.

Entertain is a word that I feel is inspired by Tonia. On a great terrace somewhere in France, when I was visiting her on her camino, I suggested to play a little game. We ask each other alternative questions in series of 3. One of the questions she asked me was : Entertainer or Trainer? Being a fast thinker, I immediately created a new word : entertrainer, but that was avoiding the answer and besides this word already exists. Oh, yes, I chose Trainer. She agreed for the professional part, but among friends she feels like I am bit of an entertainer too. I always make people laugh, especially her (and I love it!:-) ). Yes, it’s about telling jokes or having fun with practical jokes. “Enjoy Every Day” is my motto, remember? And yes, I sometimes “Go Bananas” too! I admit 🙂 She says that a lot of our friends really like my sense of humor. Ok, I didn’t know that. Thank you! Now, lately, I get the same feedback from most of my trainings, that people not only enjoy it and learn a lot, but also love the fun moments in it (I am not sharing them here, you have to be there to be in the “know”…). I must be doing something right 🙂

Educate. Well, I already mentioned this earlier. I want to change the world. I started with myself. By the way, the results are amazing 🙂 And my life is also about contributing to others. I used to have a lot of criticism about the educational system. Instead of staying in that negative energy, I changed it into a positive drive to help schoolteachers, trainers and other coaches as well. How? By sharing my Genius Shortcuts and by providing faster, more efficient ways of learning. Who would have thought that I’d be in education? I didn’t. Yet, I love it! The great thing is that people actually change for the better. And that’s beautiful, because they pass it on again (and again), so we are all improving the world, one step at a time.

I hope you enjoyed my explanation of the E-triplet. Curious? Yes, I am curious about your feedback on these and of course also about your personal E-triplet. Ready to share it? Please do. You might change someone else’s mind or view on this world too…


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