Sell your tickets!

Due to a number of uncontrollable events, I sometimes have to change flights or trains. This is not only costly (you bought non-refundable tickets too?), but in most cases also frustrating AND it takes a lot of extra time.

Re-ticket.comNow, I discovered a great website, These guys developed an auction platform where you can sell your tickets to someone else. Even non-refundable tickets! Research shows that 40% (or more) are transferable! You often only have to pay a transfer price (25€ in most cases). On top of that, even if you do not resell your ticket, Re-Ticket helps you to receive a refund on the airport tax! How cool is that? Most airlines and travel agents are way too lazy 🙂

So, how does it work? How does it work?

What else do you need to know? At this moment, they are mainly focussing on the Benelux area only. According to Gregor van der Made, founder of Re-ticket (interview with Gregor on Frankwatching), they will start to promote it to other countries in september too.  So, now you know where to go to if you have to cancel your trip or change the dates. Sell your ticket through!


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