Reach at the Beach

Sometimes we are holding on to our limiting beliefs. Like we don’t have the money to become wealthy or that we are too young or too old for this. We don’t have the right background or education. We live in the wrong part of our town or the world. We don’t see ourselves driving that red Ferrari. It’s almost so unimaginable that I won’t even allow myself to think about it let alone be disappointed by it. So, I never start thinking about the possibilities or even visualizing them. This is the power of your limiting beliefs. It’s time to get rid of them as soon as possible. They’ve caused enough pain already!

Sure, I have them too. A lot less then I used to. Why? I found my Reach at the Beach!

Reach at the Beach

How does it work? Go to the beach, preferably a quiet beach where you can see miles of the beach at each side (100 meters will be great to!). Take a random spot on the beach that will be washed away when the flood arrives (yes this means going there between ebb and flood). Face the ocean (lake or sea), stretch your arms parallel to the ocean and turn 90° clockwise. Just look into the sand, right in front of you. Focus on a square meter (approx. 10 square feet). Think about all the failures in your life. Go back in time and relive the times when you did not reach your goals, the moments you felt like a loser. Relive the past of failed opportunities and bankrupt businesses. Look back at the times you were really disappointed in yourself. Feel the pain and experience the humiliation it caused. Concentrate and focus these negative thoughts into sand just in front of you. This is the last time you will ever think about them again!

Now, draw a horizontal line in the sand (1 meter or 3 feet). Promise yourself that you will never cross that line! You just physically separated yourself from all this negativity. Never, ever will you go to these negative thoughts and pain again. You will do whatever it takes to stay at this side of the line. Can you do that? How hard is it? It’s just a line in the sand, right? Wrong! It is the border of your limiting beliefs you are about to box in.

So, go to the beginning of your line at the left side. With your left foot draw another line of 1 meter (another 3 feet) that is 90° relatively to your existing line. Keep focusing on these negative feelings that are on the other side of the line. For 1 minute, think about all the excuses you have come up with in the past. These excuses were just to cover up your failures, but that’s all right. Then go the left once more and draw another 1 meter line in the sand, creating a U-shape with the existing 2 connected lines. You are now on the opposite side of your initial line, but you didn’t cross it! Now take another minute to reflect on these past, bad experiences. It’s about time you are letting these go. Think about all the anger towards the people who did make it, who are successful. Think about the spells (curses?) you put on them, the unfairness of why they got what you wanted. Think about your jealousy, perhaps even the hatred towards some people. Let it all come out. The bad energy is taking it best shot to bring you down! It knows that it is about to be beaten…

Then step to the left again and draw the final line in the sand, creating a square. Your negative experiences, internal pain and also limiting beliefs are now all in that square meter (10 feet). Jump 3 times up and down. Congratulate yourself for boxing in all that negativity!

Take 3 steps backwards and look at your square from a distance. Start smiling and look around at the beach. First look to the left and enjoy discovering how far it reaches. Listen to the waves arriving at the beach. Now look to the right and enjoy discovering how far the beach reaches to this side as well. Then take a good look at your tiny square in front of you. See how insignificant it is compared to the entire surface of the beach? Laugh at the ridiculously small square, because you have tricked your negativity, all of it, into this tiny, little square. It can’t go anywhere, because you’ve created an impenetrable boundary around it.

The beach is a great metaphor for your mind. It’s also vast and used to have small negative thoughts, which are now put into little boxes. Stay on the beach and enjoy the little square being washed away by the flood. The flood also takes away the squares or boxes in your mind. So, they cease to exist! They are all washed away for good! You can start with a clean beach and a clear mind. You can focus on the entire beach as your new playground. You can stretch your mind as far as the beach goes. Reach for the beach! Reach for the stars! Reach for anything you want! You can get it if you really want! If you can conceive it, you can achieve it! Imagine whatever you like. Visualize any dream. Go beyond your wildest dreams and start living them!

Enjoy every day!

Bert Verdonck

Lifehacker & Life Coach
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2 Responses to Reach at the Beach

  1. Magnificent!
    Just went to the beach last night – a pity I hadn’t read this yet.
    Now I have an excuse to go back 😉

  2. Marc Deseke says:


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