Proofreaders Wanted

We are in the process of writing a book, the Other 97%, about Google and the rest of the Internet. You can imagine that it takes a lot of work to write and publish this book. Of course, we want to focus on delivering a quality book. This also includes proofreaders who check the content, spelling mistakes, examples, …you know, the works!

So, if you are interesting in discovering what the Other 97% of the internet is about or just want to give us a helping hand, then this is your call. Get in touch now, so I can brief you and discuss our planning.

If you are looking for a scoop and want to be ahead of the rest, then now is time for action! In order to be the first one, get in touch now, So I can brief you and discuss our planning.

If you want to learn about at least 100 alternatives to Google or just want the shortcuts in finding anything you are looking for, then you have to get in touch now. Then I can give you a proper briefing and discuss our planning.

If you just want to be quoted in the book or maybe you would be happy to deliver a testimonial (I am sure you’ll like the book 🙂 ), then act now and get in touch. This way, I can brief you properly and discuss our planning.

If by now, you didn’t get it, proofreading is not your thing, so don’t get in touch now! Buy the book later 🙂

Thanks for stepping up!


7 Responses to Proofreaders Wanted

  1. Goedemorgen Bert

    Sinds begin dit jaar werk ik met een nieuwe webmaster samen die – volgens mij – een nieuwe/andere visie heeft op websites.
    Zijn werkwijze heeft veel te maken met Google. Sindsdien ben
    ik dan ook veel bezig met Google en alles wat daarmee te maken heeft. Daarom geef ik me ook op om je boek eens na te lezen.

    Veel groeten


  2. Luke says:

    Hi, how can I get involved?

  3. Annemie Janssens says:

    Laat maar komen: ik wil er graag aan meewerken!


  4. ginalazenby says:

    yes will help. Love Gina

  5. theweb says:

    Pleasure to help you with this book. Sounds interesting!

  6. Julie Gunn says:

    I am interested in proofreading – very good at it!
    I also wish to arrange a coaching session – having been recommended by Matthew Newnham. Thanks!

  7. Marc Deseke says:

    Hey Bert,

    ik wil je graag een handje toesteken om een schitterend boek te kunnen publiceren!


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