Help Me Help You?

This video shows a couple of realistic discussions you might have with your clients. I know, it’s funny in a way, but a lot of entrepreneurs have to deal with this…and it’s good to have a great client relationship, but where is the limit? Is there a limit? I’ve crossed it…

“Help us help you”
“We didn’t budget for this…”
“This is priced at $ 19.99, I only got …”
“I’d like the highlights, but I can only pay for the trim.” “So today we are only doing the trim today?” “No, both, …”
“Let me make a phonecall and see what I can do. Can you do $8.50?”
“You’d gotta to help me out”
“We can do this…”
“You gotta work with me. Come on, let’s do this”
“I’ll make it up on the next one, what do you say…”


What phrases do you use? Or your clients?

I realized last month that I had an SME customer who didn’t pay me in time. I know, I should have followed up on them faster. The thing is, we are 1 year later (sic!) and they still haven’t paid me. So, after delibaration, I decided to ask my lawyer to take the next steps. They are close to going down, so the last thing I want for them is to go bankrupt. Instead of settling for a payment schedule (again), I insisted of getting a better deal. What happened? We went to court. The court ruled in our favour and I now have a solid payment schedule. If they miss once, I can claim the total amount at once. Now, I am pretty sure they will pay in time!

People who know me, will tell you that I am a nice guy (really 🙂 ) Unfortunately, at a certain point in time, I also reach my ‘goodness’ limit. So, this particular customer reached it and kept asking for more. Where are you? Do you have customers going over your limit? What are you doing about it? Help them to help you? That would be fantastic!


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