Paul Meert

Paul Meert Infotainment, Change in NO TIMEPaul Meert is the founder of Infotainment, Change in NO TIME and also important: a personal friend of mine 🙂

Now, here is an interesting story on how small the world can be…

Paul was asked to write an article for a Belgian think-thank organisation VKW Metena (Dutch). He was doing some research and thought about creating a link with Dale Carnegie. Dale lost everything during the crisis of 1929, before building a new empire, becoming the expert on “positive motivation” and interpersonal skills.

Why do I tell you this? Well, while using Google to find background info on Dale Carnegie, he saw an interesting link to Dale Carnegie’s Golden Book. Although Paul has read most (if not all) of his books, he did not recall this particular one. So, he clicked on it and to his surprise arrived at my blog! Yes, last year I wrote an article on this Golden Book sharing Dale Carnegie’s insights.

Now, isn’t it mindblowing to find my blog on the 3rd place in Google, while researching Dale Carnegie? At least that’s what Paul was thinking (in fact, me too!) 🙂 As a lifehacker, I confirm that I use several Genius Shortcuts to improve not only my life, but also my Google ranking.

Everyone has his specialty and for those who haven’t seen Paul live yet, he is an outstanding public speaker! I’ve seen him already on several occasions and every time I am blown away by how good he really is! So, your next chance to see Paul is on the 12th May in Ghent. Next to Tomas Vieira and Ben Decock, he is hosting a seminar on “Managing without Ego”. In fact this seminar is not only about “Managing without Ego” (Tomas), but also about “Managing without Time” (Paul) and “Managing without Worries” (Ben).  I was told that they bring inspired ideas for unlearning the past and revealing an abundant future! Laughing is a genuine part of this seminar, so bring your smile 🙂

Enjoy Easter,

Bert Verdonck
Lifehacker & Life Coach
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