Life is a voyage

Life is a voyage, like crossing an ocean.

Let’s assume you board a sailing yacht. You are crossing the ocean from Honolulu, Hawaii to Auckland, New Zealand or from New York, USA to Antwerp, Belgium.

It occurred to me that as soon as the sails are up and the wind propels you forward, we deviate 99% of the course! Did you know that? We don’t sail straight ahead to our destination. The wind changes directions. The current makes we drift away. When sailing against the wind, it is impossible to keep a straight line. We need to tack. Of course, when planning we calculate the distance and the average speed, the weather conditions, but these are a mere calculation and projection. When sailing we are often experiencing it differently. This means we don’t know exactly when we will arrive. In the best case we arrive even ahead of schedule.

Life is a voyageWhat I am trying to say is that in life you will deviate from your course most of the time. It doesn’t matter how well you planned, reality will probably change it anyway. Chances are that you will move ahead and sometimes backwards, before moving ahead again.

From the moment you choose a destination in life, your trip begins and you will need to adjust continuously. You will have to start (again), sail to the right, sail to the left, avoiding rocks and sandbars, sailing with or against the current before arriving at your destination. In any case you will need to prepare a proper plan in order to reach your destination. This plan needs to be created upfront. You will need to have a map of the locations you are going to visit. It’s great that GPS exists these days, but you still need to have the map, in case you have no electricity or it doesn’t work. By the way, have you picked your destination yet? Why not?

As soon as your plan is created and you are ready to take off, you can commit yourself to reach to that destination, regardless of the effort. Too many people are almost there, when they make a u-turn! Because there is a fog hanging over their destination and they are tired, just came out of storm, they lost control of where they are, they decide to turn around and sail back home. Sometimes it takes just one or two extra steps to reach your destination….

So, the real secret is that life is like a voyage over sea. First you decide where you want to go. The next step is to plan your trip carefully and prepare your boat. Once you take off, know that you’ll be 99% of the time out of course, but if you are willing to continuously adjust, you will reach your destination!

Enjoy choosing your destination,

Bert Verdonck
Life Coach


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