Audio CD

A lot of people are asking me to speak more often in public, even in other parts of the world. Others want me to publish a book. Then some are requesting audio-files, so they can listen to them on their iPod, at the office or while driving to it or while traveling. I’ve been thinking lately on how to fulfill everybody’s needs…

So, I have decided to create a bunch of products in the coming 12 months. Currently, I am in the process of creating a downloadable Audio CD, which will be sold on the internet. Last weekend, I recorded the last 5 tracks of it. This means that very shortly my Audio CD will be launched! Isn’t that great?

If you are interested already, mail me and enjoy a pre-launch discount of 3 €! The Audio CD will be sold for 19,95 €, including taxes. This means you only pay 16,95 € if you order now.

Oh, and the subject of this Audio CD? Right, I almost forgot to tell you this 🙂

“How to shorten your working day by 2 hours?”

I’ll share 17 genius shortcuts or lifehacks to help you do more in less time!

Enjoy Christmas,

Bert Verdonck


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