Productivity Myth

Some people tell me they don’t have time for (creating) a system. They need to change right now, but have no time for change. So, they keep running things like before. And guess what? Yes, they actually get similar results! On top of that, they keep on complaining, because nothing ever changes and they keep on going nowhere.

Another thing they believe is that if they spend time setting up and maintaining a todo-list and doing regular (weekly?) reviews, they’ll never get anything done.

Of course, most systems take some time to get set up, but once you start using your system, the time you use in “maintenance” is more than compensating for the time you save not having to think about what to do (next)– or making up for the things you didn’t remember to do.  So, you see, having a system creates extra time!

I know, improving your system will save you more time, so you have to invest in making things better…every time! This will cost you more time in the beginning, but it will save you more and more. Now, if someone shows you a shortcut on how to get things done in a smarter, more efficient way, you are actually improving a lot.

Then the choice is yours what you would do with the extra time you have saved. You could invest it in saving more time in other areas of your life, or you could have more fun with friends and family or you could spend it with doing nothing and not using the shortcut at all. This way you can continue to complain and demotivate others  But that’s not who we are, right? 🙂

So, what would you do? And what does your system looks like?

Read this article, if you want to read more on productivity myths.

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck


One Response to Productivity Myth

  1. JP says:

    Could not agree more, Bert.

    Although Ashleigh Brilliant made a comic in the 70’s that read:

    (and take all the fun out of it!)

    And we know exactly what he meant, don’t we? 😉

    But systemization is a great liberator, to the degree one has command of it. As we get better at it — and that is an iterative process, to be sure — it frees up our time (which we can spend on more and more fun things!).

    Am a big fan of GTD. (Was a Franklin girl for many years, then along came David Allen, and Getting Things Done – Fast. Hooray.)

    Just found the iGTD app, and am playing around with it happily. It comes closest to being useful for those of us on Macs who love GTD and are inclined toward the electronic (rather than paper-based) tracking of our projects, contexts and tasks.

    Here’s to Minds like Water…


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