Google Efficiency

Ok, I admit it! I am using Google a lot. Not only the search engine, but also other great stuff like GMail, Google Reader, Google Maps, Google Desktop, etc.

As a lifehacker I learned a couple of extra shortcuts to make my life easier and more efficient.

Here is a (first) cheatsheet of interesting shortcuts:

Sample queries   Google responses pages with…
bert lifehack     both words: bert and lifehack
Hawaii OR Bali     1 word: Hawaii or Bali
+I love    both words: I & love (force Google not to ignore I)
lifehack -computer    the word lifehack but NOT the word computer
“Enjoy every day”    the exact phrase: Enjoy every day
iPod €100..€500    iPods between €100 and €500
part-time    the words part-time, part time, or parttime
life ~coach    the words Life & both coach & its synonyms
Indian food    Indian food from the website
whales filetype:ppt    finds whales in Powerpoint files

Have fun,

Bert Verdonck

PS : did I mention that yesterday Google Chrome (Google’s Browser) is officially out of the Beta phase. Download it now!


2 Responses to Google Efficiency

  1. Bert,
    I have been looking for a way to make my google search more effective for several months.
    Your tips are very useful …and as always, easy to comprehend and simple to use.
    Thx, man. I’ll keep on checking your blog or even better RSS it 🙂

  2. David says:

    thx Bert, some good tips there!


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