Team Hoyt!


After writing about Nick Vujicic‘s life without limbs last year, I have another compelling story to tell. Well, actually, I was introduced to this amazing story by Sofie Vanhoutte and she wrote me a message that sounded like this :

A son asks his dad:
“Dad, will you run a marathon with me?”
Despite the fact dad has a heart condition, he says : “Yes!”
They run a marathon together.

Then the son asks again:
“Dad, will you run another marathon with me?”
The dad says “Yes!” again.
So, they run another marathon together.

One day the son asks his dad:
“Dad, will you run the Ironman with me?”
(fyi : the Ironman is a triathlon : approx. 4km swimming, 180km biking and a marathon running)
And his dad agrees again.

Now, this story as such is not so spectacular unless you actually see this YouTube clip:

It moved me! It gave me an enormous extra boost to keep on contributing to the world. In fact, I also learned that Rick has graduated from high school and university. He lives in his own apartment. He shows how you can overcome tough challenges in life. “I CAN” is his motto!

Closer to home, Sofie Vanhoutte is running her own charity : Chalkline (Krijtlijn), a non-profit organisation, which helps people with a handicap to get access to trainings, workshops and coaching in order to find the strength and motivation to get a better life. Get in touch with this brave lady in a wheelchair to see how YOU can help…

So, what did you learn from all this? What challenges are you facing lately? And what will you do about them? Time for action!

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck
Create, Connect & Contribute


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