To Do & Ta Da

Are you also having a long todolist? Too many things at the same time? Or do you often come across an interesting book that’s been recommended by friends, but you forget to buy it? What was that title again of that fabulous book? Oops! Or are you just looking for a very simple todolist? And you want to share it (or not)?

Ta-da Lists is probably a great lifehack to solve all this…

Next to creating great lists in a simple way, Ta-da lists lets you share it with the world or with just a couple of friends or colleagues. Of course, you can easily update your list or create a new one for another topic.

How? Just visit Ta-da lists and create an account in 10 seconds. Name your first list. Add items to it. Want to share it? Just click on share. Decide if you want to invite friends and paste their email and custom message or just share it with the world. Hello World 🙂

Alright then, have a look at my book wishlist to see a real life example. If you ever want to buy me a book, look here to get ideas 🙂 And you can subscribe to RSS, just in case…

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck


PS : Thanks to Martijn Aslander for sharing this lifehack


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