Brian Tracy in Antwerp!

Deear friends,

listen carefully, Brian Tracy is coming to town!

If you have never heard of Brian Tracy, then listen to this clip:

If you have ever heard him on CD or DVD or read one of his 34 books, you know you can not afford to miss this event! Byron Soulopoulos, a dear friend, is the CEO for Brian Tracy Benelux and he is organising this event on the 19th November 2008!

Check out the website and register as an early bird and get a 100 € reduction!

Of course, this is an extraordinary event, and if I’m right it would be the first time Brian Tracy is coming to Belgium. How many times do you get an opportunity like this…

I decided to take on this opportunity and enroll even for a Gold VIP ticket. This way I am having lunch with Brian!I am really looking forward to meeting him in person! What about you?

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck
Create, Connect & Contribute

PS : If you register for a ticket online, please use Bert Verdonck as your Customer Relations Manager. I’ll get you another surprise 🙂


4 Responses to Brian Tracy in Antwerp!

  1. Hi Bert,

    I ran across you web site and appreciate your passion for Brian Tracy and his training. Have you seen his new Internet video training site iLearningGlobal?

    You can link to to watch overview videos about this new training resource.

    The actual training site let’s you view videos in full-screen high-definition, with no buffering. You’ve got to love new technology.

    Anyway, I just thought you would want to know about the new coaching site.



  2. Ricken says:


    love to read more about your article, there’s so much good stuff in here. hope you update more article. thx Jakarta Tourism Guide

  3. Delarge says:

    Thank you share 🙂

  4. elvalentino says:

    lol I’m a few years behind, but how was this event? did you find anything useful while observing?

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