Forget the small stuff!

Are you also worked up about things that are not really a big deal, after all? Have you ever noticed how uptight you feel when you’re caught up in your thinking? Once you get in the details of whatever is upsetting you, don’t you feel more absorbed by it? One thought leads to another, and yet another and another one, until at some point, you become incredibly agitated and frustrated?

Here’s news for you : Forget the small stuff!

We tend to focus on little issues and concerns. We blow this “small stuff” way out of proportion. Rather than letting go, we create an imaginary confrontation in our mind. Many of us might even tell someone else about this “stuff”. Why don’t we let it go and go on with our day?

Too many people are spending so much time and energy “sweating the small stuff” that they completely loose touch with the magic and beauty of life. You have more energy and things move ahead much faster if you forget about the small stuff!

How to deal with it? Stop thinking about it! The more attention it gets, the bigger it becomes…Focus on positive thoughts instead. Let these thoughts grow big 🙂 Focus on how grateful you are and keep breathing. Relax and laugh at the small stuff, because it used to upset you, but not anymore! Encourage yourself to think happy thoughts. Think about your holidays, going out with your friends, your relationship, a great movie, etc.

Really enjoy this great stuff every day 🙂 

Bert Verdonck,
Create, Connect & Contribute

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