Do nothing!

Doing nothing is very easy! Anyone can be so easily and quickly diverted these days. We know we want to become more successful, so let me tell you a little story about a friend of a friend of mine…

He’s telling me about his adventures like this: “I know I can’t become successful in my current job by just doing what I have being doing ever since I started here! This means I have to change what I am doing. But what can I do?

I see that my friend is a stockbroker, maybe I should become a stockbroker, but the markets are not doing so well and neither is my friend. Aha! I heard there is an options trader coming to town. He’s giving a course, maybe I should invest my money and go on that course and learn all the secrets of the options trading and know where to invest. I’ll even buy the software, allowing me to track the markets, but as I go along I realize that I don’t know so much about this industry after all. So maybe I can start a franchise, buy someone else’s working concept and make more money, but which one should I buy? Maybe it’s easier to start my own company. My uncle has started his own company. Maybe, this is my destiny? Ok, but his business is not doing so well either, so I can not do that.

Hey, my Auntie has a business in networking marketing, residual income. Maybe something for me, right! Let’s do that! But wait, my brother is an insurance agent. That sounds like big bucks, right? Maybe I should talk to him. Or wait, my mother, she’s playing the lottery, maybe I should do that! Right! Is it really? No, this is all too confusing; maybe I should keep doing my current job after all. I end up doing nothing at all!”

If that is awfully close to your reality, it is time to think again about your focus, understanding and commitment. It is a great idea to invest time in finding your passion.

If you don’t know how, come and talk to me!

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck
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