Read faster

We all want to do more in less time. We all wished we could read faster to read more. This wish is now granted!

Download Rapidreader and go through the training exercise (max. 15 minutes). I am normally not a big fan of tutorials, but in this case I am glad I made an exception 🙂

What does Rapidreader do for you? It trains you to read faster. Not just a little bit, but way beyond your dreams! It looks like so simple, but it’s so effective, wow!

Last week I took the train to Brussels and read more than 60 pages of an ebook in under 30 minutes! My reading speed went up to 350 words/minute. If you know that average people read about 100 words/minute on paper and about 80 words on screen, you’d agree this is pretty awesome, right? And of course, in the train, I got distracted several times, people passing by, showing my ticket to the conductor, etc. At home in my office, my speed goes up to 500 words/minute quite easily! Full throtle…

Still sceptic about it? Download it and testdrive it! It sounds too good to be true, but hey, that’s what lifehakcing is all about 🙂 How often do you find a free tool to increase your reading speed with at least 300% in under 15 minutes!?!

Final remark : you do read all the words, nothing is left out like in other smartreading or speed reading courses…And you do remember a lot, according to studies even more than that you would have read at a slower pace.

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck


5 Responses to Read faster

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  4. webbyishere says:

    It is possible with alot of training for the majority of the people to read 1000+ words a minute.
    I’m training to read fast, the progress I’ve made is shown on my blog:

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