Pile, don’t file!

Why do you file every new document or attachment you receive into a nice tree of folders? I know, you are looking for structure, easy access to those documents later on and maybe some ease of mind knowing that these are stored in the so-called “right place”.

Time to share another lifehacking tip with you. Stop filing documents and start piling! Use search engines to retrieve documents. Use Google Desktop instead. Win the time back you are spending on ever-changing structures, creating folders, saving files 8 levels deep in your system or within your network. Nobody ever keeps track of your system anyway.

Simply create 1 folder and pile all your documents there. No hassle, simple!

When you need any document, you are searching for it anyway. So, use Google Desktop and save yourself more time.

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck



4 Responses to Pile, don’t file!

  1. Willy says:

    For Mac users or Google haters (not to be linked to each other) use spotlight to find your files.


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