Wonderful Wealth

Yesterday I came back from Wealth Dynamics Experience and what an experience it was!

I met several new friends, learned interesting lessons and played several insightful games. Roger created magic once more and I also got a chance to step up a couple of times. As a Creator I was asked to come to the front with 2 others and share creative ideas. I also got a chance to answer several questions in front of the public and I was picked for my “Opportunity Knocks” about life hacking. My colorful shirts also attracted lots of people who came to talk to me. Mike Southon agreed to become my Mentor! I also knocked several people of their socks by giving them examples of life hacking tips & tricks. Yihaa, another very successful event!

It’s unbelievable what it’s like when you are in flow… do try this at home 😉

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck

Life Hacker


One Response to Wonderful Wealth

  1. Bobby Gill says:

    Hi Bert, great to meet you at WDE.
    Keep on coming up with innovative solutions and sharing them with people to help them find short cuts, save money and most importantly time.

    All the best, from a fellow life hacker,

    Bobby 🙂

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