Lifehack : Easy backups!

ok, here we go : the first life hack to make your life easier.

What is the most important task we all (tend to) forget once and a while? Right, making a computer backup!

Now, Mozy has a wonderful service for online backup.

You just download a small application, sign up for their free MozyHome service and you are ready to get 2 GB free backup space. Yes, 2 GB!
I am not sure about your files, but 2GB takes me a long way…

Anyway, for peanuts (5$/month) you can upgrade to unlimited backup space!

Mozy connects to their online server and backsup your computer when it’s idle. The first time it takes hours (in my case about 1GB), from then on, only a couple of minutes. It automatically checks which files have changed. Those will be backup again (also new ones of course!).

The extra advantage is when you loose your PC or it’s borrowed, stolen or simply crashes on you, you just download your backup (from anywhere in the world!) again and within the hour you are operational again! Perfect!

So, you don’t have any excuse anymore for not backing up your PC!

How’s that for starters šŸ™‚

Why Mozy? It seems to be one of the biggest online backup services and it’s a daughter company of EMC2, the storage experts.

What Mozy believes:
You shouldn’t have to think about backup.
Backup should be set up once, and then work automatically.

Your files should be encrypted.
Your backup files should be encrypted and stored in a secure, remote location that’s only accessible to you ā€” from anywhere.

Your backups should be smart.
Your backup system should be smart enough to only back up data that’s not already been backed up, only back up parts of a file that have changed, and be able to back up open and locked files.

You see, in my opinion they fit into my kind of world of lifehacking! šŸ˜‰

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck


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