My first Carbon Free event?

As you may recall, in April I participated at Roger Hamilton’s Entrepreneur Business School (EBS), in Bali. This event has been made Carbon Free, resulting in a calculation of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by specific factors relating to the event and the number of trees that subsequently need to be planted to offset this.

The emissions are calculated by compiling data related to the travel of all staff and participants to and from the event including all air and ground travel, along with electricity usage as a result of the event including hotel rooms for participants and staff and conference rooms used for EBS. This data is combined with CO2 emissions factors information produced by leading greenhouse gas (GHG) management authorities to derive an emissions estimate figure expressed in tonnes of CO2 or CO2 equivalent emissions.

I recently received the final Carbon Free report. This was prepared by our friends at the PATT Foundation (Plant-A-Tree-Today) and I am impressed with the great work they are doing. How wonderful it is to organise an event and make it Carbon Free? We invest in countering the pollution we’ve created…

So, what are you doing to contribute and help the environment?

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck
Create, Connect & Contribute


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